Fall sneaking in...


This bit of moisture in the early morning reminds me that my favorite holiday is basically here. It will be chilly to freezing till roughly April here on out.

As cliche as it is I really enjoy the fall season. Or Autumn, whichever you prefer. The more I think of it, I think I always enjoy the times between seasons. When the weather is in limbo. The last stand of the previous season versus the inevitable revolution that is the next season. These are the times I love.

There is something special about the transition to fall for me. Probably because it is the most distinct seasonal change throughout a calendar year. Hot to cold.

Football, movies, hot cocoa, leaves changing, pumpkin pie, snow. All the good holidays are during fall and winter. I am certainly a cliche in this aspect. But I can't help it. I hope I feel this way every year till I'm dead to be honest. Screw it.

I hope it snows a bunch this year.

What is your favorite season? How do you feel about these upcoming cold months? Of course these questions really only apply to those that live in regions that experience cold seasons. LOL.


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Hello @dadapizza, long time since we spoke. Right on with fall being a wonderful time of year. Up here in NY State the night time temperature is falling bellow 50 degrees on a regular basis, and the leaves are displaying all of their glory.
I also love this time of year, and so far the weather has been just fabulous.
Enjoy your Sunday, and go Giants!

29.09.2019 11:42

Nice hearing from you for sure! :) Hope all is well. That's cool to hear, soon some of that arctic air will start creeping more downward to PA too. I am glad you enjoy the chillier times like myself! The leaves haven't changed much down here but I expect they will pretty soon. I can't wait to see those colors.

Enjoy yours too! Daniel Jones is looking solid so far! Go Titans! Both our teams won today :)

29.09.2019 22:01

@dadapizza You are from PA. Was there just last week visiting my daughter. She went to school @Bloomsburg college, met a real good guy from PA and is now living there permanently. Go Giants and Titans.

30.09.2019 10:02

That is awesome :) I have definitely heard of Bloomsburg! Pretty well known and good college from what I understand. Yes go Giants and Titans!!

01.10.2019 00:51

I'm with you man... I love the fall too. 👍
It's the season with the most distinct feeling of change, (in my opinion) and I love that about it.

29.09.2019 19:57

Yes that's another great reason to love this time of year, I totally agree! It's cool you like this time of year too :)

29.09.2019 20:05