Are the Tennessee Titans the hungriest team left in the NFL Playoffs?


Four straight 9-7 seasons. Constant doubters everywhere you look. Most people don't even mention the Titans at all, let alone criticize them.

Many media members speaking about the Titans like some inferior, good for nothing team. Claiming they would be blown out many times, all the way since Week One of this season against the overhyped Cleveland Browns.

A middle of the season quarterback change put this team way further away from everyone's radar than maybe ever before throughout these past four seasons. A change at quarterback many people did not believe in. The head coach was doubted for that decision.

Could this team respond from a 2-4 start and make it a decent season? So far it's pretty decent....

Many of the same core players have been here for the past four seasons. Marcus Mariota is still a Tennessee Titan. Apparently he has been a very good teammate throughout this hectic season. This entire roster should feel disrespected to a degree. People act like the Titans don't got any players!

People saying it will be easy to stop Derrick Henry despite his great success. People then saying that if you stop Derrick Henry, the Titans are done. What about the passing attack of the Titans? What about the defense?

I don't even need to give specific examples because you simply just have to be following football to know how much the Titans are dismissed. It's obvious and everywhere.

I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. Hungry teams don't always win. But I believe the hunger and grit to prove themselves throughout this entire roster is a big reason they have gotten this far.

Four straight 9-7 seasons and this team is hot? This is a tough team. Ninety percent of the media acts like this is going to be an easy dub for the Chiefs. I really don't think it will be. I don't know. I've been wrong a lot before. But screw it consider that my hot take.

Aaron Rodgers has a ring. The Chiefs are the favorites in most games they play and have not been doubted nearly as much at all. Like I've been saying. The second hungriest team after the Titans would be the 49ers but even then everyone is totally on the Niners bandwagon at this point.

I don't know, these are just my thoughts. I really think the Titans could be the hungriest team right now. I wonder if that could lead them to greatness!

I am sooooooooooooooooo nervous for tomorrow and just wanted to ramble. #Titanup baby!!!!

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My guess is a close game. Either team can win this. That the Chiefs are 7 point favorites just shows that the Titans still aren't getting the respect they deserve. Chiefs do have home field advantage though, and they scored a ton against the Texans after a bad 1st quarter, so I do understand why they are such big favorites.

19.01.2020 05:17

No doubt this is going to be the biggest and most difficult test so far for the Titans! I by no means think it will be a walk in the park! Playoff football baby!!! Suspense is crazy!

19.01.2020 06:08