Who Wants to Be a Minnow? I'll Give You Up To 400 SP!


It's been a long time since I've done a giveaway and I thought this would be a good time to organize one. I know there are many hard working newbies on Steem who'd love to get to 500 Steem Power. I can definitely make that happen!

So, I will instantly make one single person a minnow, by getting them to 500 Steem Power. How much Steem Power I give exactly, will depend on how much they already have. Now, it wouldn't be fair if I just flat out gave 500 SP to someone who hadn't put in any effort themselves, so to qualify they need to have at least 100 SP of their own.

Suggest Someone or Apply!

I'm looking for someone who's been active on Steem for a while, someone that produces original content and has been active for a while. I'm a little bit vague here, just because I don't want to exclude anyone. I don't know what kind of activity threshold I should put on this. Who am I to say that someone who's been active for 2 months deserves it less than someone who's been active for 6 months...

All I care about is that you're an active member of Steem and that you've been working hard on becoming a minnow by yourself.

So, if you think that you deserve to be a minnow, do post a comment below explaining why you'd like to become one. Alternatively, suggest someone who you think deserves to become a minnow. I'll just pick whichever story I like most and make that person a minnow instantly!

Sending Steem Power Instead of Steem

I will not be sending Steem to the winner, there's no room for errors here. Thanks to @blocktrades, I can easily just send Steem Power directly to the Steemian I've picked.


On a side note: Why is Blocktrades the only service (that I know of), that offers this? I would have thought that the people over at @steempeak would have added a function to send Steem Power to someone as well. I mean, it's definitely something niche, but you guys are all about the niche features.


No need to make an overly long blog post out of this. I just want to make one person happy by making them a minnow, I've explained the rules, so apply or suggest someone already!

I will go through all the suggestions an pick someone 3 days after this blog post has been published.

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It's tuff to give things away here.., even STEEM!

22.09.2019 17:41

Ahh, but also Steem Power? We'll see, if I only get one suggestion, that person takes it ;)

22.09.2019 17:43


All good, but have a look at each. Some may have too much SP to qualify.

22.09.2019 18:14

They all fall just within the limits :P I should just pick @oheyo, then I can just spend 8 SP to get him to 500 :'D

Just kidding of course, I might just divide the 400 SP and make multiple people minnows in one go.

22.09.2019 18:20


23.09.2019 01:09

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @daan, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

23.09.2019 01:09

@oheyo & @luvlylady are both minnows now! The other ones you've suggested might be minnow soon, just gotta divide my SP correctly, I'd like to make multiple people minnow today ;)

22.09.2019 19:02

Aha! So I have you to thank for that mysterious transfer from blocktrades, huh?

Thanks so much! I appreciate the support ☺️

23.09.2019 01:09

Thanks for the nomination here! 😊

23.09.2019 01:07


23.09.2019 08:36

Oh wow... thanks @slobberchops for nominating me. I'm still finding my feet on steem, focusing on producing the best content I can and connecting with others in the community... I'm probably still a bit too new to qualify though :)

23.09.2019 02:07

Your welcome, just don't burn out..

23.09.2019 08:35

It will take me awhile to do that.

23.09.2019 08:51

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22.09.2019 17:42

Not an easy task at all. Here is one who may fit your bill:
@jacey.boldart SP=187.818 (own) + 305.351(@old-guy-photos delegation)
Why: This post - https://goldvoice.club/steem/@jacey.boldart/from-eggs-to-baby-doves

At least it is one for you to look at. I seem to be around more of those of us that are in the 1000-2000 SP range, I guess the ones I came up through the ranks with. But one or two of us do occasionally find diamond poster.

22.09.2019 17:52

Great suggestion! Hey, if no-one else replies I'll give it to them for sure ;)

22.09.2019 17:55

@bashadow, just made @jacey.boldart a minnow ;)

22.09.2019 19:05

I am sure they will be happy with the help. Nice things you have been doing for people and helping them to get established.

22.09.2019 19:50

@bashadow & @daan

OMGoodness !!! I just got home from a visit to Moms and found this sweet surprise ! I am in shock !

Thank you both SO much for suggesting me and for this amazing gift.

What a wonderful gesture. You've made me very happy.

Love ya'll !

23.09.2019 00:28

I liked the egg story, I saw it when @melinda010100 resteemed it, a couple of days ago, and then I saw daan's post, and I thought well I can't help much maybe he would. Congratulations. All I did was pass a name along, you made the post that caught the eyes.

23.09.2019 01:21

Thanks for getting more eyes on this delightful post, @bashadow! It was @shasta who led me to it in the first place!

23.09.2019 01:48

Well, I'll be, I did not know that. Kudo's for her then, she does make some good finds.

23.09.2019 03:21

Together we all keep the Steem universe turning!

23.09.2019 04:04

This is really too cool. She is going to be a great Steemer! You guys are so awesome!! Well done!

23.09.2019 00:24

!BEER, I know they are just sips, but you are helping her, and it was a nice post. I'm a sucker for good eggs. LoL.

23.09.2019 01:27

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @old-guy-photos, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

23.09.2019 01:28

I have been pretty active on steemsince I joined more than 2 years back. I have changed my strategies based on what was trending. It was follower base and engagement via comments early on which meant a big deal. I did that.
Then came blogging.
Then came apps like dMania etc.
Then Drug Wars, Steem Monsters etc.
Now it's Steem engine tokens and Steem Monsters and I am very well updated.
Now with more curation and less author rewards I'm not writing much. I'm just playing Steem Monsters because the ROI is better.
I know my entry isn't too fascinating to be chosen but it's honest to the core.
I hope we engage via comments and posts.

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22.09.2019 18:14

Don't under-value yourself, it's a great entry. Looking at your Steemworld page, I see that you're active enough. Definitely a contender ;)

22.09.2019 18:17

@blog-beginner - Congrats, you're a minnow now!

22.09.2019 19:00

Woot woot !!!!
You sleep as a plankton and wakeup as a minnow. How amazing.
Thanks for believing in me. I will not fail you. I will help planktons and content creators so that they stay motivated.
Will continue adding value.
Thanks a lot @daan

23.09.2019 08:50

Why blocktrades? I think you can directly send SP to other accounts through some other interfaces. Eg: esteemapp, where they charge no fee.

If you spend 500 steems it is possible to get over 4.7k delegation from blocktrades for a period of 90 days. It would be a good idea.

22.09.2019 18:23

I only use Steemit and Steempeak, on those interfaces it isn't possible to send SP. I don't mind using blocktrades, the fee is less than 1 Steem, that's not too much.

22.09.2019 18:24

Steemit always had the ability to send Steem directly to SP for someone else. It's in the advanced power up screen

22.09.2019 18:52

Aha, good tip! Learning something new every day it seems :)
Never done this for a reply on Steem, but I'm bookmarking this!

22.09.2019 18:55

Even Steemit is more functional than many people think. I'm mostly using Steempeak these days as it does most things better. Steemit have yet to integrate Keychain into the wallet.

22.09.2019 18:59

By the way, do you have any suggestions regarding minnows who could use an SP boost? I'm giving away a bit more than I originally planned, so I can use some additional suggestions :)

22.09.2019 19:08

Now I learned a new thing from you! I have never been aware of this option for nearly two years of being on steemit. Thank you!

22.09.2019 18:58

That's very nice of you!

FYI, I believe blocktrades charges a fee to do the transaction, but you can do it for free through Steemit. It's easy. When you click "power up" go to the advanced options and type the name of the person you want to power it up to. Bam!


22.09.2019 19:28

I like that idea, but I stick to delegations. So whoever you pick, please tag me in the post and I will double their voting power with a delegation equal to the SP you send.

22.09.2019 19:51

I nominate @ale.dri

22.09.2019 19:55

Hey!!! Thank you!!! What a surprise!

22.09.2019 21:55

Most welcome!

24.09.2019 09:15

So nice of you to do this to support new users ;)

22.09.2019 21:48

I just want to say this is an outstanding thing. Frankly I am utterly blown away to be honest!!! You, Sir, are awesome!

23.09.2019 00:26

I consider my posts to be as exciting as watching paint dry but also a potential cure for insomniacs. What excites me bores everyone else, even the random stray cat that I feed.

Usually, I post my ramblings of the day for my actifit posts.

Other times I post about my travels such as traveling around Inverness, Scotland

Or sometimes about the Aerospace projects that I am involved with such as "returning the moon" https://goldvoice.club/steem/@epicdave/4858lgu0fgw
Or the big frigging lunar space elevator

They sometimes have funky animations I helped create, other times just rambles about a random topic as I slowly drift into insanity...

Although boring, these posts are original infused with a dash of dry British humor.

23.09.2019 00:49

I'll admit I don't have a whole lot of faith in these giveaways but I'll take the chance and give this one a stab. If there's anything to be said for following the rules, honesty and integrity then I'd like to apply. If not, well ignore me...lol. I spend countless hours reading, researching and curating comments, more so than posting, it would be nice to see someone rewarded in that regard as it may encourage more people to engage with the written words and reply to it honestly.

23.09.2019 00:53

That is awesome @daan! An unbelievably nice gesture and so many were able to benefit by this!


23.09.2019 05:27

That is pretty awesome! Way to help others out! I hope that you find someone really great to make a minnow. This isn't a gift that they should take lightly! I am definitely going to resteem this.

23.09.2019 11:32

Good idea @daan and good luck with selection.

Many excellent names mentioned in the comments section already, along with handy tips at the same time being shared.

23.09.2019 13:04

Thank you so much @daan and @slobberchops for nominating me. I really appreciate the support you guys.

25.09.2019 19:14