Finally! Multiple News Websites Are Reporting About HF21!


I did not expect this to happen, but we're finally seeing multiple stories being released about Steem on some pretty major news websites. Even Yahoo Finance published an article about the upcoming hardfork and Micky News entices possible new users with news that Steemit will be distributing 2 million USD worth of Steem per year to its users.

For a long time, I've said that there almost isn't any news surrounding Steem appearing on major news outlets, but things are starting to change apparently. While these stories do not seem to have any effect on the price just yet, one can imagine that this might set us up for a price increase once HF21 comes out.

Stories on Steem

Yahoo Finance - Steemit Announces Major Blockchain Upgrade

Ihodl - Steemit to Experience Hard Fork on August 27

CryptoNinjas - Steemit prepares for major blockchain upgrade

Micky News - Steemit to distribute $2 million dollars to users following major upgrade

Cryptopolitan - Steemit blockchain hard fork update approaching fast

Now, it should be noted that the original source of these stories, was this press release on PR Newswire. I remember another press release about Steem being published on there, but that one failed to get any attention from other major news websites.

In case Steemit Inc. is behind these press releases, I'd say that they're doing a pretty good job so far. Though I hope they can expand their marketing effort to other platforms as well.

I'll keep my eye on Google News and will inform you if more publications write articles about Steem or any of its DApps!

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After a long time I was very happy to see your post.?

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20.08.2019 17:13

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20.08.2019 17:30

First time I ever saw Steem appearing on decent news sites.

20.08.2019 18:09

This is good news.

Thanks for writing about it.

20.08.2019 18:11

I look out for such news stories too. It looks like Steemit are doing press releases that sometimes just get published without comment, but it gets more eyes on Steem. We need to find more pioneers willing to try Steem. It could be a good time if they are willing to spend a few dollars to give their account some influence. We dolphins can create accounts for people and I will delegate to them if necessary.

20.08.2019 18:12

Yes, I am also willing to create accounts and provide a small delegation

20.08.2019 18:24

I’ve been claiming some accounts lately and I’d love to put them to good use.

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20.08.2019 18:48

@steevc @whatsup - I've been giving away free Steem accounts, plus small delegations on Bitcointalk. I've on-boarded quite a few people already with that.

Most people don't reply to the topic, they just send me a PM :)

20.08.2019 21:11


20.08.2019 22:00

Well done!

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20.08.2019 22:37

The yahoo one is great to see. A non crypo news outlet picking up the story is a huge bonus for marketing STEEM. Get some fresh eyes on what is happening and not just the same people that already hate against STEEM.

20.08.2019 20:21

Really good news see the media writing about Steem!

20.08.2019 20:27

Yahoo which is non-dedicated to crypto is especially nice to see.

21.08.2019 01:24


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20.08.2019 23:48

Fantastic to see us get a lil press!

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21.08.2019 01:20

I know many are concerned about this hard fork and its impact I am doing my usual wait and see the impact, but at least it has made some visibility of Steemit as you are showcasing in this post

21.08.2019 01:43

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

21.08.2019 02:09

I honestly hope that it is Steemitinc and other interested parties finally advertising more out there.

21.08.2019 02:30

Wow, yahoo finance? The big guys acknowledge steem? Wonderful! :D

21.08.2019 06:54

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21.08.2019 09:11

We are getting noticed and this is a positive thing! We saw a huge improvement and accuracy of STEEMIT. INC in last few months time! If this continuous, SMT might lead us to STEEM MOON TIME! THank you very much for this information!


21.08.2019 09:29

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Well, are we at @coingecko considered "major" website? 🤭🤭

21.08.2019 10:49

I'd definitely say so, but I usually don't see Coingecko appear in the Google News search results. I'll definitely update my scope for future articles, to not only include what I find via Google News (and include Coingecko as well).

I usually find your articles via Bitcointalk actually :)

21.08.2019 10:56

1,2,3, gute Laune
hab ich jetzt was gewonnen

21.08.2019 13:30

Excellente news!!

Hoping only the best for steem!!

21.08.2019 16:25

Thank you for this information.

The press coverage: Not bad, but also not very ... I don't know.

I don't want to be a spoilsport, but the publications of press releases issued by companies are often only a gap filler for the websites. I also read the Steemit Inc. announcement and would say that hardly anyone at the company took the trouble to write something really profound and interesting. I come from the business and have spent years doing PR for major brands, so I know how little impact an occasional press release has in the abundance of news. Actually, I was looking for current blog posts by Steemit wtnesses and found nothing essential but this blog from you. It seems that most of the witnesses I have voted for have stopped their active work on the blog, except @blocktrade. I can't say to what extent they work in the background and I can't assess it at all.

Really good public relations has the following prerequisites:

  • Contacts in the mainstream media to the editors-in-chief
  • Regular cooperation with publishers and website operators in the form of attractive incentives/prizes with a relevant financial outlay
  • Appearing at the hottest trade shows and providing merchandising and press material
  • Inviting high reach media and press people to Steemit events and exclusive good interviews with the makers, drivers and other people of importance or interest.
  • Actually, a concept has to be drawn up annually in order to be able to implement all relevant news and messages beyond the year. Therefore an extra budget has to be provided.

Who knows whether this is the case at Steemit Inc.

Does anyone know the format brandeins? It is an excellent German business magazine that writes top-class articles about business and entrepreneurship. The format is popular and appreciated by those who value good research, genuine interest and love for their work and their company.

None of this seems to be the case here. It's not a drama, just a fact of what it looks like.

That's the disadvantage of decentralization. The drivers that exist are not organized enough and, despite all online connections, not networked enough into the offline world or with other online formats. So if there is no central unit to push these things forward, it is more likely that the present and future of Steemit will develop rather slowly and that only the constant and protracted work of the individual interest groups will make a difference. New users will hardly be attracted in this way, but if you're not in a hurry and don't look at this development in months, but rather years or decades, you don't have to despair. However, if so little happens, as now, one could think that all, which have pushed once something, have gone away.

Anyway, I am thinking whether I might even finish my article in preparation, which would be directed to a large extent to the witnesses, which you can look up at under "witnesses overview" on the very bottom of the site . Who should I exchange now? Any recommendation from you people? Who is more active than those who are listed with me?

Thank you, in case you had the patience to read this long comment.

22.08.2019 17:06