Another Round of SP Leases via Dlease! Get in Quickly for the Best Rates!

Long time no see, Steem community! I've been AFK for many weeks now and my fingers are itching to get back on the keyboard. First things first, I need some more SP for curation purposes. Which is why I've added a couple of big lease requests onto Dlease.

As you can see in my featured image, I'm offering the best rates on the market. A whopping 14.2% APR for the first investors, plus another couple of leases at 13.9% APR.

I will be scouring the New and Hot tabs again, looking for quality posts to upvote. I hope I'll be able to find some, because at first glance it's looking a little bit bleaker than I remembered. I don't know what happened, but the post rewards seem to have dropped by quite a bit, just looking at the Trending tab.

I'm hoping @bozz and @slobberchops are still here at least ;)

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I'll fill one for you. Best of luck with your curation @daan

29.12.2019 18:32

Thanks man! Really appreciate it :)

29.12.2019 18:49

welcome back!

29.12.2019 18:50

Wooooo curation just got better and juicier.

29.12.2019 18:51

They are and so am I bro. Long time no see.

29.12.2019 19:43

13% was better XD
am too greedy to put my offers above yours at that %

29.12.2019 21:13

Welcome back dude.

I've been experimenting with leasing some SP recently. It feels good to be past the 40,000 SP level... even if 35,000 of it belongs to someone else 🤣🙂

30.12.2019 09:11

Yeah still here, trying to post less and failing dismally!

30.12.2019 09:35

Always! I haven't even started considering an exit strategy ;) I am happy to see that you are still around as well. Good luck with the leases. I picked up a couple a while ago that are set to expire in another month or so. It looks like curation has been going well for you and yes rewards are back down again :P

30.12.2019 12:24

Great news @daan. Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2020!

31.12.2019 03:58


I'm curious about how this works out for you financially - do the increased curation returns bring you in more than the cost of your leasing the SP?

Or are you not concerned with returns and just curating for the benefit of the platform?!?


31.12.2019 10:37

It is a good accumulation time still for steem @daan :D

16.01.2020 04:42