Join Us To The "Blockchain Music Challenge Show" Episode 2 This Wednesday!!!! <3

Happy Monday Everyone!!

I hope you all had a mighty fine weekend & depending on where you are
on this beautiful planet,
I hope your week has started as great as mine!
Since the Blockchain Music Challenge Round 2,
the topic was PsyTrance,
closed yesterday I got to listen & judge the submissions by

@yamaagni, @psionic-tremors, @nickyhavey & @bufinjer!

If you know these artists, if you don't I highly suggest to check them out, you know they bring quality tracks to our ears.
Do you want to listen to the entries
find out who won
Round 2 of the Blockchain Music Challenge?
Join us this Wednesday!!

The Blockchain Music Challenge Show

A show complementary to @inthenow's
Blockchain Music Challenge
hosted by
@inthenow, @jeffleinwand & @d-vine.

Every Second Wednesday

UTC 8:00 PM

On the SMA Discord Server

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Du machst ja abartig gute mucke!

Hab mich grad allgemein etwas reingehört.

10.08.2019 08:00

Na das freut mich aber riesig!
Vielen Dank fürs reinhören!

10.08.2019 18:26