CitiOS Blockchain Based Platform to Help Achieve United Nations Sustainable Development


Have you ever heard the term sustainable development of the United Nations? there are approximately 17 things that must be fulfilled by all countries in each city in order to provide comfort and stimulate the economic and social development of each of their citizens. This certainly will be very easily fulfilled by developed countries. But what about developing countries that are still limited with all their resources? while this sustainable development is indeed recognized to be ideal for providing convenience to the community where the Internet of Thing (IoT) with its autonomous devices is able to provide services and fast responses in real time with little or even without the assistance of human operators.

Talking about smart cities with the help of robots or automated systems is indeed very fun to imagine where all activities are assisted by artificial intelligence and will certainly greatly facilitate and accelerate all kinds of transactions and activities. In contrast to the traditional way that still uses human assistance that still has shortcomings such as forgetfulness or delayed work with a variety of reasons and obstacles. The UN hopes that by 2030 their standards of sustainable development can be met by all countries and of course this is very difficult for developing countries, especially in Africa. Cheap and smart solutions are needed so that the purpose of the UN builder can be realized by all countries both developed and developing countries. this time I will introduce you to a blockchain-based project that offers solutions to these problems. They are named CitiOS. Like what and how details about them, here is a little explanation.


As stated above, all countries are required to be able to fulfill 17 points of the UN's sustainable development goals. If we look at all the points there is a picture of an ideal smart city and very good to live. But to achieve this for developing countries can be said to be difficult especially at several points such as health problems, energy access, infrastructure, and sustainable cities. In the country's health sector it is demanded to be able to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates and also to end infectious epidemics such as HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis by 2030. This is also related to the mental health of the community, prevention of drug abuse and several other things in the health sector.

Furthermore, in terms of energy access they must be able to provide services to the public with affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy access. how can developing countries meet this if they still rely on the power of water which is greatly affected by weather changes while developed countries are already using nuclear power which is certainly able to provide energy services for their people. Likewise with strong and sustainable infrastructure points and industrialization and innovation development must be met to help improve the economy of the community. This requires a lot of costs where the state must strengthen human resources and infrastructure to improve the economic and social aspects of its people.

This is where CitiOS comes in and offers solutions for a decentralized service platform and IoT device that is integrated with blockchain technology and MESH networks. They want to help all countries to be able to meet and achieve the goals of the United Nations sustainable development by helping people overcome various environmental problems related to energy, and in the meantime CitiOS is providing a communication network.

Then what do they offer with their solution?

First, the presence of edge computing with Arttificial intelligence (AI) chips embeddedhelps serve various data processes more quickly. the two autonomous IoT are able to automatically serve a variety of communications faster. Furthermore, on the issue of payment, checking, and P2P exchange done automatically with the help of blockchain technology, it can also provide speed, convenience, data transparency and of course be able to provide the best service as an ideal smart city while the city is preparing other things for the realization of 17 points of UN sustainable development.

CitiOS blockchain.png

You can read their Whitepaper to get a more detailed explanation of the focus of their project. in my opinion this project is good because they have prepared everything up to the most detailed solutions regarding renewable energy and related products directly including intelligent solutions to infrastructure problems that have been neatly arranged and complete just to implement them. This of course makes sure that they are serious and not longer in the stage of research but on the application of the results of their research.

In closing, although I am interested in and supporting this project, I am not a professional investment consultant. so whatever I write and share with you is not an official statement that must be followed, for those of you who are interested in this project, I encourage you to do further research on this CitiOS project by visiting their official link below. May be useful.


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