Downvote abuse?

@upvotebuilders shut down because of @mmmmkkkk311 started to downvote its users, but he is only downvoting users with -2% much of the time, no biggy, he isn't ruining anything and anyones experience.

(I still wonder why tho)

On the topic of abusing downvotes @felipejoys wrote a whiney post about this -

I then explained to him what @mmmmkkkk311 did and why. He disagrees with me that it was okay for a whale to downvote people with -2%

Seen here:

He then flipped and went ape shit stand started to downvote every single post I have made in the past 7 days and continued to downvote my extra posts with 100% from his other account @posthero.

Seen here:

So because someone downvoted a handful of people with -2% and it got explained to @felipejoys then he thinks he does the steem ecosystem better by downvoting with -100% and spamming the same post daily.

I am currently selfvoting to counter his downvotes,  not sure thats a sustainable model in the long run.

He is such a joke its insane haha :D

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04.12.2019 12:35

Thanks being awesome NBC holder! Your 20.00 NBC earned you 6% team-cn upvotes!

04.12.2019 12:36

@mmmmkkkk311 continues to flag all my posts, as well as some of his tribe ones now. I did delegate to @steembasicincome but pulled it as I felt he had a point.

We all have some regular shares and that's the past, they are ours and thats that!

So removing your delegation does not take you off @mmmmkkkk311's downvote trail.

It's his choice what he does with that stake, there are some delegating to it, Im not sure of it's purpose.

04.12.2019 12:45

Ye everybody have shares, even himself @gamer00 sponsored him.
But I dont see @mmmmkkkk311 as a big problem, he ks not destorying anybody with his small downvotes and I respect that.

But @felipejoys / @posthero who comes in with a -100% downvote equal to 0.059 cents is hitting harder than @mmmmkkkk311 0.009 cents.

04.12.2019 13:08

What's their excuse then?

04.12.2019 14:25

Well. Feli downvotes me for saying what mmmmkkkk311 was doing was okay since its small downvotes.
He didn't agree and went ape shit x)
And now he downvotes people and spam the same post, so thats nice

04.12.2019 14:41

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08.12.2019 11:04