Local Coin Shop Finds

I picked these US Dime at The Local Coin Shop. The Dealer lets them go at near spot. Today at $1.30 each. The Roosevelts are 1955s in AU or better. Some of the Mercurys are extra fine. One 1919 Mercury at VF to XF. Three Barbers over 100 years old. This is one of the ways I stack junk, survival, fractional Silver people are talking about. Every year some Mercury Dimes are turning 100 years old. Stackers keep stacking. t2.JPG

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Very nice find, at your Local Coin Shop...
September 26, 2019... 13.3 Hollywood Time...

26.09.2019 20:16

Sweet add to the stack, I live in Canada and it took me over two years to make a roll of US silver dimes as I don't come across them often other than Numismatic dimes.

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26.09.2019 20:27

Very nicely done! The Mercury Head dimes are one of my favorites!

26.09.2019 21:09

It's a good day when you can get junk silver at spot price. And you even got Barbers in the mix! Nice. :)

30.09.2019 02:25

Thanks for looking, Themanwithnoname, I need to go by this Local Coin Shop, often. Dealer lets me go through the junk box and it doesn't take much for this Dealer to cast the coins into the junk box.

30.09.2019 04:04