We greeted the sardines and turtles for a very cheap price!

Mystery of the Ocean is way deeper than we thought!

My family went on a budget trip to Moalboal, a place in southern cebu popular for its diving spots. It was an unplanned trip but turned out to be one of the best!

All of the resorts were fully booked when we went but luckily a beachfront hotel managed to book us their last room for that day. We spent a total of 5000PESOS/night for a very decent hotel room good for 6 people.

The first day we went kayaking and swimming. The corals were one of a kind! Can you believe that just a few swims away from the shore and you’ll meet the turtles! 🐢 It was crazy! I saw different types of fish that I’ve never even imagined existed in our planet. The ocean is truly the home of beautiful mystery! After hours of swimming we ate A LOT at the hotel’s private restaurant and then we jumped right onto our lovely beds! What a great way to end the day!

We started our second day with coffee and a magnificent view of the sunrise! And the most awaited part, we started snorkelling.We wanted to do diving but my brother’s too young for that activity; but snorkelling was just as exciting!

While snorkelling, we saw beautiful and unique corals, lots of fish...nemo and dory were there! We were also lucky enough to get pictures with the turtles! They were not as shy as I expected them to be 🤪 But, the most exciting part was the sardines run. First of all we could only see the sardines in the deeper part, away from the corals, and it was way too deep. The tour guide even said that sometimes sharks appear and feed on the sardines! What a great way to start the sardines tour 😂 Sardines run was out of this world, we could no longer see blue. All we could see were the sardines swimming in one direction. Imagine if a shark suddenly appeared! 😅 We were too excited that we were not able to take decent photos. 🙏😭

I was always afraid of the ocean because it’s unknown and after experiencing all of those amazing things in Moalboal, I’m still scared, to be honest, but this time, I’m scared with excitement and willingness to explore and uncover the mysteries of the ocean.

P.S: If you guys will visit Cebu, Philippines, I recommend stopping by Moalboal. It’s just 3 hours away from the airport via bus, taxi, or van! 🥰 Easy as 123 :)










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