Curator Cat Considers Creativity: Getting in the Middle of Things!

A couple of weeks ago, I explored the possibility of making this account active again, after it pretty much lost its "purpose" when the CreativeCoin community more or less died out on Steemit.

The root purpose was always to seek out creative content for curation and engagement.

Being in the middle of the Dad Hooman's glass mosaic project! VERY creative!

If it involved cats, so much the better!

Let's face it, cats are very creative creatures, and photographing cats (or drawing/painting them) is definitely a creative endeavor!

Creative projects are great sleeping places for cats!

I like to get in the middle of my Hoomans' creative and art projects, in part because they could really use my help, and in part because I can be the center of attention!

What's going on here? I can help with that!

So, because it is "Caturday" today, I'm poking my nose in, again... this time via the Fur-friends Community because after all, I am a "fur friend" to my Hoomans!

Happy Caturday!


April 3rd, 2021

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