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Introducing our team of curators

People have been wondering if we could provide information about the interests and visited tags of our curators. While the idea sounded nice, it's not that easy. Most in the team have a very broad spectrum of interests, and the standards they lay on the posts making it into their curation list are very different.

So we decided to give each of them the possibility to introduce themselves freely. When you may still be wondering whose recommendations to follow, this is for you.

Introductions in no particular order, how they came in


I am an adventurous, rock'n'rollin', sailboat-racing, business-building, daddy taxi, crypto-crazy, hockey-playing hoser. I like long walks on the beach, story tellers, spudders, risk takers, adventurers, educators, entertainers, beginners and active positive content to curate. Social media is the most fun we can have building our own business. Have fun, be yourself & help build this community and I have time for you.


Chess player, fan of blockchain-based platforms and games!, I love to see publications that demonstrate skills, and content written with passion.



Proud Australian and prolific blogger - Visitor from outer space, but that’s a secret so don’t tell anyone!

”Design and create your ideal life, don’t live it by default” is my ethos and “getting-after” life with passion is my goal. I love to write on just about everything and sharing this thing we call life on steem.

I’m looking for passion and vibrancy in posts I curate, rather than just a pretty picture; I want know what you think, how you feel and what life means to you - Sharing your passion for life and expressing yourself will attract me to your blog. So challenge yourself to live your best life and share it with us! Art, travel, philosophy, fiction, sports...It doesn't matter - Just present it with passion.


Pray, eat, travel and work for life! Good food for a good mood! So, I would love to curate posts related to healthy food, positive vibes, travel and artwork!
I support Indonesian posts too.

Keep cooking, traveling and posting! I will curate your posts.


I'm a Brit in South Australia, interested in growing food, sustainability and enjoying this beautiful state I now call home. I put together the @homesteaderscoop newsletter each week, so much of what I come across and curate is on the homesteading, gardening, environment and natural living side. I'm also a homeschooling mum, so I'm working towards expanding this side of things on the blockchain.


My personal interests are art, photography, nature and botany/gardening, with an especial interest in succulent plants and specialist growing. However, I am relentlessly curious: I like to investigate every nook and cranny of steemit and I speak 3 languages so I also curate posts in many languages: English, German, Russian and other Slavic languages, Italian, Spanish and anything else that google translate won't make a mess of. I like to look at posts that haven't yet been rewarded much to find the hidden gems. If you made an effort to present something interesting on any subject, I will hunt you down and curate you


Always on the internet. Little techie and a stupid trader. Loves reading and talking a lot! Finance wizard, loves seo and digital Marketing, on steemit for 3rd year now, gets bored very easily.
That's me. Mike


Hi, I'm Aaron from teammalaysia, lurking around Steemit silently hunting for great contents and sending loves. Post that interest me are usually ideas, discussions, arts, PC, games, automotive, planes, animals, foods and travel. I'm a blackhole for foods yet still thin, doing sales by day and content creating, video editing and curating by night + being a tour guide for Steemians who visited Malaysia :) on demand. Once you know me well, I'm super talkative ;).


I am an angel so passionately human, with defects but in search of my best version. I'm not looking for blogs, I'm looking for authentic humans who share with passion their lives, experiences, knowledge and talents. I have a sense of balance very awake,, so my flight will reach these passionate humans that within the context, have few rewards. I don't have preferences for a community or language, I'm from the world and I'll look for you everywhere, after all I'm an angel who can use a translator.


Stranger in a strange land sent here from even stranger land to witness human originality, creativity and uniqueness. Particularly fond of the language of shapes and colors they call art. Fascinated by the capturing of the beauty and explorations of this rock called Earth traveling around the Sun. Observing the human condition and their tragic entrapment within their shells. Believing the healing powers of nature. Loving everything full of life and that which has the spark of curiosity.


I’m Ritch, a materials science researcher from Mexico who looks at the world as an interaction between atoms and molecules. I am looking for content on science, travel, literature and art in both Spanish and English languages. I love to find blogs and posts from students, teachers, and researchers who strive to educate other Steemians. However, by creating high quality content on any topic, I am pretty sure that sooner or later we’ll find you and vote for your best posts.


Hi! My name is Milos and I am a 25-year-old historian. I am primarily interested in books, technology, football and photography. I discovered Steemit in July 2017 and joined Curie shortly after that. Today I am a Curie reviewer with more than 2000 reviewed and submitted posts. I usually search for new and undiscovered authors. As one of the best curators I have earned Curie's direct vote, so I am trying to reward as much authors as possible through my own curation.


Hey, I am Taraz and have been on Steem since early 2017 posting, commenting and doing whatever I think will help in some way - which is generally writing about Steem. I hail from sunny Australia yet reside on the other side of the world in unsunny Finland with my family, dog and a couple jobs. In general I am a bit of a bitsa content creator who writes bitsa this and bitsa that, and tend to have a pretty wide interest area when it comes to what I enjoy content-wise which means I curate all kinds of things from art and photography, to potry and technology. I am working toward and looking forward to seeing the platform grow and become a place where creatives of all kinds will find a place they can make their home.


I am Roger @themanualbot of steemit. Been here for almost 38 months, curating, reading, absorbing opportunities online and engaging something into crypto economy and especially, making good friends. Steemit/Steem had help me a lot since from the start and I am so thankful for that. I was once a sndbox member and a moderator in steemhunt. I am also part of donkeypong's community of curators targetting Filipino contributors and though it seems we have lost fellow contributors a lot, I am still happy seeing handful of active Filipino users. I am so much interested in a variety of topics (travel, photography, guides and etc.) but not limited to personal blogs, reviews and gimmicks, as long as I see Filipinos' write ups, I would be glad to read those and evaluate. I want to see the entire steem to elevate its features and succeed in the near future as a crypto/attention economy so I am so hopeful also that this program we're running will last a long way. Kudos everyone!


Hi, I am Ritxi. I am over a year and half on steemit. I like to write and read about sports, crypto, AI, travelling, photos and so on. We have strong but small (or better to say small but strong :) ) Czech community by cesky tag and I would love to see them growing. But I feel comfortable with both Czech and English articles.


Been on Steem since August 2017, and I think it's the best social experiment that has ever existed. Recently, I've rediscovered my love for books and knowledge, I like to know many things and understand them. I do what I want, whenever I want. Sometimes that means a poem, a short fiction or very incomprehensive cooking instructions. Though photography has been the dominating theme with my content, since a friend donated me his camera, and now I'm hooked. Steem has been a journey of self-discovery in many ways, and as a developing platform, there are so many interesting things with its moving parts that go accross different industries, that I cannot but find it more interesting the more time I spend there. When no one is seeing, I might be singing and playing some guitar, though I'm very shy and perfectionist when it comes to performing. Now this went a bit personal, but that's what I also appreciate with authors: rawness and honesty. I think it would be healthier if we could all lower our filter from time to time and be honest. Pretending is not something I'm good at, nor is it something I practice. I'm most likely curating creative content, but as long as what I'm reading is good stuff, I will curate it. What constitutes as good stuff though could make for a full length debate, so I will cut this now before this becomes a full length novel.


Hi, my name is Anne (or Anni for some of the locals in my little Bavarian town). I'm one of the few German curators and I like science, music, photography and food content. :) I love Steemit for its uniqueness and I hope to be able to provide a bit of its spirit to others.


My name is Jason, I live in south central Missouri. My day job is photography and but taking portraits is a hobby I enjoy when I have the time! I enjoy hiking, kayaking and love photographing all of our adventures here in the southern Missouri Ozarks!! I’ve been around Steemit for almost three years now and I’m excited to see where we @curangel takes us on #newsteem!!

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