The magic of conversion rate of your referrals

People from all Steem Apps,

Hope you are doing fine.

I have been discussing in my other posts about the source of income on Uptrennd which is mainly composed by:

1) Upvotes from your OC or NON OC posts (or even reposts)

2) Upvotes from your commenting job

3) Daily access points

4) Leaderboard bonuses which are being calculated per week or per month

5) 1UP gains from participation on Telegram groups and social media.

But we may be forgetting another important source of income which are referrals:

I will be honest: I used to have certain aversion to referrals. I’ve always felt that it wasn’t my cup of tea. I WAS SO MISTAKEN!

The good referrals for me aren’t only few sentences from Airdrop group, earn xxx tokens, and join Telegram, Twitter, etc. Doing a good referral, means (at least for me) to explain the crypto related project and its benefits.

Recently we have been focusing too much on producing OC posts related to Uptrennd’s topics which is OK. But some of us have mostly forgot how to gain other cryptocurrencies.

Yes, these ones come also from Cryptoreferrals!

These cryptoreferrals can be coming from your affiliated links for Uptrennd. You share them in your posts and when you share them in social media or other groups and someone will likely sign up.

This you can start doing on Uptrennd as of Level 5 but there is certain quota per each level.

But I also refer to other blockchain or crypto projects, where you write or explain that specific project and you can add your referral link.

When someone clicks on your referral link and signs up, you have a conversion.

There you have certain conversion rate. This rate is calculated by: effective sign ups / total views.

The conversion rate at least for me doesn’t exceed over 0.1%. Probably it’s little but it depends on total number of views and your followers.

I started to notice that when I include certain referral link in my posts, I started to have 1 referral in average. Perhaps it isn’t much, but do the following math:

Let’s say I will write 100 articles during the next months where I would include my referral link such as this one: Join Brave: ​​​​

For example I would focus in 10 posts on Brave, 10 posts on Presearch, 10 post on Travala and I will add also Uptrennd’s links if I share them on other social media.

And I will post these articles also on:


Now let’s figure out that I will make these conversions:

Brave – 10 conversions (10 x 5 USD)

PRE – 10 conversions (10 x 25 PRE)

Travala – 10 conversions but perhaps only effective would be 3 (because the referred person needs to book) – 3 x 50 USD

How much can you make?

100, 200 or 1000 USD. There are no limits.

Once I saw a video of a Mexican guy who did a short video explaining Presearch. That guy became one of the most successful ones. In September 2018, he managed to do over 2,000 referrals. Back then it was the following: 2000 x 25 x 0.10 = 5,000 USD not too shabby at all. Do you agree with me?

And all of this will depend also how you will be focusing your crypto related content. And I will not deny it, all of this will be also influenced by number of your followers or fans.

If you want to have active followers of your content, what are you supposed to do?

1) Visit their posts, upvote them only if you like them. Don’t feel obligated by returning favor to someone.

2) Make comments under these posts.

3) Share their posts or links on social media, and you can let them know if you want to. (on Twitter you will add @nameofthatperson)

4) The magical rule that many people still forget: If someone makes a comment below your post and it’s meaningful (that means they don’t say only: nice, thanks you for sharing, awesome), you can upvote it and you should reply to it.

Yes, that is a lots of work for you. On my last post about Travala I had over 50 comments.

Besides the implied effort of answering the comments, what is the advantage for you and for them?

For them:

If you reply them, they will appreciate it.

If you upvote meaningful comments, your fans/followers will get their corresponding 1UP tokens.

For you:

You are creating a loyal base of followers; not only for your current post but for the upcoming ones.

Check also the section of All Notification – Comment replies, there you will have a chance to monitor if someone replied to your comment. You can upvote it and if you want to add another comment, you can still do it).

I will confess my strategy from the very beginning:

I was making comments below Elena’s, Luke’s or Romana’s posts. And guess what? They have been always answering and upvoting the comment.

That is called engagement, you are co-working with other Trenndians for your mutual benefit.

If you want to calculate the total number of your followers:

Check these numbers in My Profile of Uptrennd, in other crypto social media, Twitter, Facebook, Minds, etc. If these numbers would go higher, the total number of your referrals will likely increase.

So, as you could see, caring for your followers has been and will be a very good business for you and for them!

Let’s discuss in comment section on more tips how to make more cryptoreferrals!

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