Say Yes to OC and not to Plagiarism!

What is plagiarism?

You will be able to find definitions such as “wrong appropriation” or “stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work. (

The Word stealing sounds pretty harsh, but that’s what it is. People who commit it basically are stealing other’s people ideas, creations, articles and they are getting paid for them. If you have a killer idea (great idea) or any invention don’t say it to anyone, because someone could take advantage of it – First you have to register it and get a copyright for it. There are government institutions in every country where you can do the corresponding arrangements.

According to the website Ithenticate, the consequences of plagiarism are the following ones:

Destroyed student reputation
Destroyed professional reputation
Destroyed academic reputation
Legal Plagiarism – that’s probably one of the worst consequences: some of it can be considered even as a criminal offense. The laws of some countries are so strict that it can imply even a prison penalty. So plagiarism is a really big deal as you can see.
Monetary repercusions
Plagiarized research (
So as you see, it’s a pretty big deal.

On Publish0x, before you post your article you have to tick 4 boxes, where you basically acknowledge that content the content was written by yourself. If they discover that you did plagiarism, your tips of that article would be taken away or you could be banned from that site.

On Youtube, they are extremely picky about it, you cannot post other videos without CC license or use copyright material. Many people probably don’t know about it and use any Google Image and post it. Youtube doesn’t tolerate that, and they can suspend your channel.

Some people may say that they weren’t aware of that. In the legal field the absence of knowledge about something will not exempt you from the responsibilities or liabilities. It’s like when you become part of registry of IRS, and one year you enter there excusing yourself that you didn’t know that you had to pay the taxes. I can complain taxes but sooner or later I have to comply with the fiscal obligations, the same applies for plagiarism.

Now let’s check Uptrennd’s term and conditions regarding to plagiarism:

The clause 7,8, 17 and 18, clearly state the following:

Furthermore, you agree not to make use of 11045601 Canada Inc.’s Services for the purpose of:

  1. Uploading, posting, emailing, transmitting or otherwise offering any such content that may infringe upon any patent, copyright, trademark, or any other proprietary or intellectual rights of any other party;
  2. Uploading, posting, emailing, transmitting or otherwise offering any content that you do not personally have any right to offer pursuant to any law or in accordance with any contractual or fiduciary relationship;
  3. Posting content that is not your sole legal ownership
  4. Posting content that belongs to another person, corporation or entity (

You probably would tell me that no one reads those Terms and Conditions, I usually don’t read them either but it’s a legal protection for the company and all our community.

Probably my article so far has been looking kind of scary but I do it for the purpose that all of us become aware why not do it.

If you share copy and pasted (C/P) content, make sure you always include the source below your article. If you share the link from Cointelegraph for example, you don’t have to do it because when you click on the image it directs you directly to the link of that site.

Now how about the images?

I wrote a post about them. You can check it for more details:

I recommend you to use the website creative commons. I will dedicate one of the following posts to images too and some recommendations regarding to visual content.

If you want to avoid any kind of problems related to the use of any image, procure to use royalty free images or Creative Commons, but make sure to include better the links below.

If you use some extracts of other articles in your Original Content and they are exactly the same as in source article, you will have to include the text in “ abcd…” and after that include the source in parenthesis like I did with the first paragraph of Wikipedia. It’s advisable to include them also in References below your post. Remember that if you use content of other sources, you are supposed to give them the credit – including the source.

Now, what’s the deal about this?

Uptrennd wants to protect you informing about it. The VA team has a difficult task on everyday basis to be checking if the OC is genuine. Probably some user don’t understand why are we so demanding but as you have read the aforementioned paragraphs, now you know why.

Now what will be happening if lot of posts will be causing copyright infringement?

It also affects Uptrennd because it may lower Google ranking of Uptrennd. I don’t want that to happen to Uptrennd, do you? What I want for all of us is to thrive and become a stronger community. So let’s keep doing so.

If I like for example Romana’s post Let’s be creative and you want to share it; you cannot just copy that and claim 100% upvote for all that Romana’s effort – that would be plagiarism. But you can repost it. There is a repost sign above the description of her post on the right superior side.

Now if any Uptrenndian grants you an upvote, 50% of that upvote will come for Romana and 50% for you.

This is perfectly legal and fair on Uptrennd, it benefits both users.

What is the rule 80/20?

Let’s say that you copy some extract of some articles and you do it perfectly by putting the text inside the “ “. And you copied two small paragraphs. If you want to make it your Original Content (OC), then you’re supposed to create at least 8 paragraphs of yours (80%). Or it can mean that you copy 1 paragraph (20%), then you have to create 4 of yours (80%).

What is not Orginal Content according to this rule?

You copied 2 long paragraphs from other crypto site and then you write: Bitcoin is a great opportunity of investment, it’s cool because if you buy 1 BTC today, your BTC will be worth 200,000 USD in 4 years. That’s absolutely very little contribution of yours, so you cannot claim it as OC.

I will cover that next week and show you how to convert original articles into your OC in more depth.

How about Airdrops?

I’ve seen that some Uptrenndians post airdrops, they share the telegram link and post the detail of the Airdrop. Some of them mark OC. Believe it or not, it isn’t OC because most information regarding to the airdrop comes inside the link.

You could tick OC if you at least in 3 considerably bigger paragraph will explain what that airdrop is about. I think many people want to make their life easy and share the links with not so much description but if you guys would better description on what the project is about, your airdrop would be trending in OC section, it would have more views and I strongly believe that more conversions too. The description of those projects would give us a better idea, what you are promoting.

Original Content may include your reflections, opinions, experiences.

Now if you write a topic about Uptrennd and probably you state something from other post, and now you are creating your OC, remember to post how you feel about it; your opinions – for example what has worked for you. You can be talking about some previous experience you’ve had.

I think that a lot of content writers are making one mistake in my humble opinion, they are focusing so much into a technical or IT part of the blockchain project that sometimes those articles may become difficult to read for common people such as myself. Believe it or not, I am a strong supporter of simplicity.


You described a lot of things about certain blockchain project, you have to clearly state why it is convenient to become part of it. For example if you write about Uptrennd, you may be focusing not only on feelings of happiness, motivation and fun but also all the different ways how to make 1UP tokens, which is very unique and I think a strong competitive advantage of ours.

Now what would be the main advantages to create your OC?

1) it’s unique, you wouldn’t find it somewhere else. Each OC gives is branding the personality of its own writer.

2) If a member of VA’s team spots it and considers it as a higher quality OC, you will be given more upvotes from that person. All of this, you can be checking in your Points History.

3) All the posts who are gaining more points, are almost always OC that can bring you extra points in your weekly or monthly leaderboard

4) OC enhances general quality of all of our content. We have to be focusing more on quality than on quantity.

5) If your article is OC, you can be sharing to other crypto social media – earning other tokens, and promoting it on your Youtube channel, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

6) By having that OC on other social media, you can be gaining more exposure too, more money, more upvotes and creating stronger base of followers.

7) If you are creating good OC frequently, you will tend to have more followers.

8) OC posts usually create more debate below them. Yesterday I wrote How about your 1UP stats? And I was really surprised that now that post got 70 comments. By replying and upvoting comments of other users you are networking and let me tell you from those comments you are learning a good deal because some of them are sharing their experience and tips.

9) You don’t have to post so many C/P articles or shared links, instead of 20 C/P which also takes time, you produce a great content which will be earning you upvotes not only for the next 48 hours but also on the long run. I am receiving often upvotes of my older OCs written in June for example.

10) Sometimes if you are producing great OC not only on Uptrennd but also somewhere else, you may be entitled to win some award, which may be really cool to count on.

Hope it was useful for all of you and stay tune for other updates in relation with OC tips.


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