I was able to save Happy thank to your cryptotips and BAT referrals

Happy.jpgHi Trenndians, Publishers, people from Minds, Steemit, all the cryptolovers and people with great heart!

I was thinking for many days, what my post #100 would be like. On Saturday, the answer arrived when I adopted a female dog. She was walking and running here in my neighborhood, chasing neighbor’s cat – King Leonard.

We call her Happy because she is a happy dog.

My fiancé Loly, our neighbor Irma and me, noticed that she was in bad conditions, looking thirsty and hungry. So we decided to adopt her and we are providing her temporary or permanent home, it depends if someone else adopts her.

Together with my fiancé we rescued 9 street cats and 2 dogs.

When you adopt a dog or cat you need to answer these questions:

1) Do I have space for him/her?

2) Will I be taking care of him/her? (that means even to pick the poop, you have to be honest with yourself).

3) Do I have enough money to give him/her proper care?

In many occasions I was able to answer Yes for question 1 and 2, but not for number 3.

This time, I was able again to adopt a street animal which is looking for a love, food, fresh water, care and happiness. Mexico is the country No. 1 in Latin America with the record number of street animals, it’s around 28 million street animals or maybe even more, the exact stats aren’t known.

Who’s guilty?

The society obsessed with consumerism. When parents buy a dog or cat for a child for Christmas, 70% of them finish abandoned on streets of Mexico in 2-5 month period. Mahathma Gandhi said once: The greatness of a nation depends on how the citizens treat the animals.

So, what can we do?

1) Sterilization at convenient age, always being prescribed by vet.

2) Not buying breeds of dogs or cats.

3) Adopting.

Now how much does it cost?

I got help from neighbors who provided some dog food, some assistance and leash. But there come the expenses: just going to vet, remove the fleas, parasites, shower, a big bag of dog food for her which weighs around 40 pounds (18kgs), etc = all of this cost around 100 US dollars just for the first 2 weeks.

At this moment I didn’t have any fiat money to fund it but fortunatelly I’ve had some crypto stash in my ETH wallet and on Uphold.

I will give you breakdown of this funding:

Publish 0X articles – 15 USD (Hydro, DAI, BAT, BNTY).

BAT referrals = 140 BAT = 28 USD

Me precious 1UP tokens, where I really struggle to give them away = 7,500 1 UP tokens

Probably it isn’t that much so far, but I will have a certain amount destined to be spent on her. So, I have to thank you for all your support, all your preference when you read my articles, comments here on Uptrennd, Publish0x, Minds, Youtube. Being part of our Trenndian family where you feel appreciated, where you feel motivated, where you grow and where you earn, it is priceless. I strongly believe in Uptrennd’s project; we as a community have proven to tackle different kinds of challenges and our results have been very positive.

I also give thanks for the great help of BAT project. Every month for some reason I receive my 5 USD, thanks to some articles I had previously written about them. BAT stands for Brave Software which is faster, more secure and where you can earn by referrals or by tips.

For example if someone downloads Brave from this link, you get between 2 – 7.5 USD per referral (depending on country), when he/she uses this search engine for 1 month. This money gets transferred to your Uphold wallet after 1 month. Just one tip: if you don’t want to pay heavy commission for Uphold’s transfer, you can set up your Brave earnings into XRP, where they don’t charge almost nothing for the transfers. Another advantage is that you can receive tips from 1 to 10 BAT on your Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and other social media:

We are starting to collect donations to support animals rescuers and other social responsibility causes. Another case is a sir called Jimmy, who has over 40 cats and dogs in his house, so we try once in a while as much as we can to buy some cat’s food in Costco. .

Even if you live in other country you can support all these cases.

If you navigate on Brave you can give tips on:



or download Brave software on

https://brave.com/oav197 (Twitter)

https://brave.com/eur526 (Reddit)

https://brave.com/bus843 (Youtube)

For ETH donations here is the address: 0xC2fcF42D3E86c86a49aB164092c8E6371b6E770E

Something that also would be very helpful is to join to a great community – Uptrennd, where you get paid for creating posts, making comments, your daily access, watching Twitch, referrals, giveaways, etc at: https://www.uptrennd.com/signup/NDQwMg

This is completely voluntary, only if you like or identify yourself with the causes. I strongly believe is that when you are here on this planet you are supposed to contribute somehow. And contributing for some reason makes me happy; I may recognize that we may be wrong in our house – because first the cat/dog goes to the doctor and finally us. Another thing that you can be doing at home: whatever you don’t use anymore – give it to someone who needs it or may sell it for him/herself. Giving away creates happiness, affluence and balance.

I also wanna thank for all the support to all of you, all the VA’s team: Elena, Romana, Busola, Vicky, Jeff, Luke, Steve, Nathan, Dotun, Osato and all the Trenndian team (Lottie, Jacob, Martin): all of you made a huge difference in my life, and all your support, daily motivation, work staffing has made our Uptrennd more professional, secure, successful and we can notice that the community grows much faster than other social media. Thanks also to other people on Publish0x especially to Igor, Scott, Fycee and all the people whom I give thanks for their support, advices and motivation. I also extend all my thanks to other Trenndians who visit my posts, who make comments and who work constantly all together in the team, all of you guys absolutely rock and all of you deserve a great recognition!

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There is no better way to live life than to encourage help to those who need it through our effort, great work! ;)

18.10.2019 23:32

Thanks a lot Mr. B. at least a little piece of contribution of us and all the crypto communities.

19.10.2019 00:14