Ethereum: To be or not to be above 200 USD?

ETH Purple.jpgThat was a question for Ethereum until today September 17th, in the morning of Central Time.

Now it's out of the question. Ethereum stands proudly around 212 dollars and did its pretty big bull run.

It increased 7.5% vs USD and 7.3% vs Bitcoin in the last 24 hours. Its market cap improved too, it's at 8.4%. It's a great news for most of ERC-20 based crypto, among them the most important are BAT which improved too and of course our precious 1UP token. On Coingecko 89% surveyed traders eye a positive outlook on Ethereum.

Investing in Ethereum was a pretty good business, 2 weeks ago it was around 160 USD, so if you invested in it back then, you would have gained 30% of profit. Not shabby at all. Now the next challenge for ETH is to overpass resistance located around 260 USD, if it breaks its highs of around 360 USD, we might see ETH ar 400 dollars before the end of the year. So good luck Mr. Vitalik and all Ethereum holders.

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Definitely a good news for alt coin too. Speaking about @coingecko, they got released Crypto Weekly Highlight in a videos.

18.09.2019 18:35

Stellar, BAT, Dash are doing very good. Another very alternative coin which has brought me a lot of profit is Parachute token.

18.09.2019 19:44