Especially to all of you: My 399 followers on Uptrennd, 91 on Publish0x and 29 on Steem

My 399 followers, all of you are the diesel of my Trenndian life and the resting part of the community is my daily fuel and motivation during all these days. And yes, some days we have our ups and downs.

I just wanna say thank to all people who have supported me on Uptrennd.

In the last posts, I was giving publicly thanks to my team members.

But this time, it goes especially to my followers:

I remember that I started here in May. At the end of July, there were around around 60 or 70 followers on my profile. The number doubled in August, so I had around 130 followers. I forgot the number for September, until I saw my screenshot from the October 1st where I had 282 followers. So it was another doubling in 30 days. Today I saw the number 400. Just check the stats of Uptrennd, in May there were around 5,000 Trenndians and now we are over 25,000.

I haven’t been that popular not even when I was younger. Maybe there is something magical happening with all of us after our 40’s; LOL.

I was doing a lot of articles focusing on Original Content and comments. But all of this, it wouldn’t make any sense, if there weren’t any people who have something common with you. I’ve seen between my followers, people from different countries; let’s start with Africa today (because we always start with Western Countries) – there are some people from Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria and Uganda, Mozambique, Southern Africa; Asia – Pakistan, India, Philipines, Vietnam, Iran, China, Thailand and other countries, from the continent where I was born – UK, Croatia, Russia, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Italy; from Americas – Venezuela, US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and other countries. Not even in my Facebook – there is such a variety. Just check it – Facebook – I managed to have only 700 friends after 12 years of being there, and on Uptrennd – 400 followers after 5 months and half. Isn’t it amazing? It’s really cool and it motivates me every single day on Uptrennd.

Of course, all of it, maybe my Ego but I don’t think so. And yes, I may be selfish sometimes, I recognize it. But there is something common among us and these are the common features:

We are open minded.
We have gotten out of our dangerous comfort zone
We have taken risks. The word risk is something like a synonym of danger for many people. But in finance, if an investment is risky, the yield tends to be higher.
We constantly get updated; it is a little bit awkward for many people today. Because we read, watch a lot of videos, we educate ourselves on the latest crypto developments and trends.
Our life spins really fast – what happens in 1 month in our fiat job, it can happen within hours in our crypto world.
We want to protect our assets against all the mean stuff generated by the circles of power of the world economy.
Some of us have undergone through different hardships, even me. Have you heard the song of Kelly Clarkson: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? It’s true, isn’t it?
We believe in Uptrennd and in something better coming into our lives.
A lot of us decided be in charge of our lives, no matter how hard is to live in our countries of origin, families, societies, etc.
We are engaging in our interactions, not only among each other but with all the Trenndian community.
We’ve replaced Facebook, Instagram for Uptrennd, where we make 1 UP tokens, haven’t we? Such a waste of time, those years on Facebook, at least for me.
Some of us, tend to check what others are doing (without begging for upvotes and followers of course) just by viewing the magical notification bell newsfeed.
The lives of lot of us may turn much better on the long run, just by shifting from fiat to crypto.
We tend to look for shelter of familiar community and community of positivity and solidarity.

I perhaps forget other features. What I want to make clear here is that any crypto social media such as our beloved Uptrennd wouldn’t be absolutely anything without people, human interaction, support and positivity, which stand not only for followers but for the whole community. The same applies also for a company, that they can have great Human Resources, Marketing, Finance but without sales there would be any cash flow.

So one more time Thanks to all of you and Let’s all this wonderful community thrive as much as we can! Because all of us, deserve to have a better life, that we’ve always wanted.

After you read it probably this number changes upwards (hopefully) or downwards (if there will be reduction in some double accounts). But my thanks apply also for new followers and all the community.

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