TeleCoin: A community project building a decentralized anonymous peer-to-peer network with Masternode capability

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Blockchain is a decentralized global digital infrastructure considered one of the most useful assets to help solidify systems manages to enhance privacy, to improve security and transfer of data.

As it were, Blockchain is an open infrastructure that grants building different applications and technologies over it. It offers people the chance to bypass conventional intermediaries in their dealings with one another — thusly, it disposes of or brings down transaction costs. For the greater part of us, the Blockchain is just related to monetary related transactions, for example, cryptocurreny — and despite the fact that this reality is halfway valid (Blockchain being the innovation behind the bitcoin the digital asset, this system offers more than that. Being a decentralized system it operates transaction that no individual or organization claims or controls — this is the reason each users associated with it can get it as a whole, and all operation are done in a secure and verified form. For this, it utilizes systems at first created in cryptography. Furthermore, with duplicates of the blockchain across the globe, it is today observed as being carefully designed.

Various organizations are as of now beginning to utilize this potential so as to go up against the actual security and issues privacy issue that keep on tormenting the Internet communication and business on the grounds that Blockchain is completely irrefutable by the general population.

All these astounding features highlights of the blockchain have been at long last put to great use to give a novel system, in light of its smart contracts.
The most promising advantage of blockchain innovation is the motivating force it makes for users is to work genuinely where guidelines apply similarly to all. Bitcoin led to some acclaimed disadvanatges in exchanging of illegal items, and some evil utilizations of blockchain innovation are most likely unavoidable. The innovation doesn't make scamming unimaginable but harder to execute. Be that as it may, as an infrastructure that improves society's open records archive and strengthens representative and participatory legitimate and administration frameworks, blockchain innovation can possibly increase protection, security and opportunity of transferring of data from point to another. By so doing it greatly improve business transaction, communication and improve standard of living of people across the world, freedom and the quest for satisfaction.

TeleCoin is a network project developed to increase privacy focus protection digital asset with Masternode capacity. The headways and updates of its code are chosen through an agreement built up by a decentralized blockchain voting system framework.

Talking about decentralized models it used, what can be more decentralized than a democratic framework dependent on the blockchain where the network can uphold changes and upgrades through direct interest and participation. The code is overseen by a group of core developer, obviously, yet in actuality, they are in an indirectly way claimed by the system. They are ceaselessly keeping up a bound of trust by acting in the network's obligation. To greatly benefit from this features telecoin provided you will need to owned considerable amount of Masternode with a collateral of 10,000 TELE.

This is a reasonable ways for a privacy forcus coin. Masternodes - These are incentived nodes that get prizes dependent on their accessibility and their capacity to offer network services in a decentralized and trust-less way. Running a masternode requires 10,000 TeleCoin insurance for whatever length of time that you run the masternode and enables the proprietor to decide on spending plan and improvement recommendations. These nodes are the foundation of the present and future administrations idea on the TeleCoin system, and all things considered are remunerated at a somewhat higher level when contrasted with simply staking when the quantity of them is at a predetermined level characterized in p2p ways.
It is a network venture with the objective of building an unknown shared system. What makes TeleCoin exceptional is its capacity to execute the highlights of every single other task under one system.

TELE network based on Proof of Stake, private exchanges, masternode abilities, and a decentralized blockchain voting framework. Other than the system itself, TELE is growing its utilization cases towards micro transactions by building up the Trend-Setter ecosystem platform, a subsidiary system remunerate platform focused to both business and people. As you may know, privacy coin users are grumbling about not having the option to really spend their tokens, TELE users could profit by this capacity immediately. For what reason would it be advisable for you to hang tight for reception when you could make your own architecture. These are some of the benefits offers by TeleCoin.

Telecoin depends on this appropriated trust model — the blockchain innovation enables adopters to control their very own digital personality and share and communicate between with trust. Along these lines, the user's' computerized personality can't be assaulted and nothing can fizzle.

An IEO is a new trending in cyptocurrency industry as a result of preventing scamming project from defraud people.Therefore,Telecoin launch a IEO on Latoken Exchange Platform . Latoken provide an avenue for telecoin to raise adequate fund from crypto currency investors to executes their unique solution in blocakchain market.

The Telecoin's medium was discharged for the investment of the overall population with the goal that the network will acquire more market exposure. The users on a global scale through the Initial Exchange Offer will likewise develop a bigger base spartans of decentralization who will have confidence in the Telecoin venture. To guarantee a straightforward network, all capital raised will be used to further developed ground break solutions some of which are listed;

Telecoin (TELE) – Anonymous peer-to-peer Crypto Currency - Google Chrome 2019-10-22 05.29.53.png

  1. Tele-fone

Fele-fone is a decentralized, secure system which allows the effective communication, interaction and exchange of data. This undertaking is expected to move private data, communication, and security to more significant level.

Tele-Fone is worked to guarantee that decentralization is received in our everyday exercises and not just for exchange purpose only but cut across other needs.

Tele-Fone is a cell phone that is secure and decentralized. It enables its clients to control their cryptocurrency coin through the cool storage that is installed in it. In like manner, individual data, document and data are secure in a transparently in the blockchain.

  1. Telecoin Trend-Setter

This TrendSetter is a platform embedded in the Telecoin to coordinate web application, online social media, and blockchain innovation to shape a member model of ecoystem.

  1. Coin Mixing Technology (Obfuscation)

This is a methodology that makes it hard to follow crypto speculators resources by means of the Telecoin Masternode mixing. With the Obfuscation, the security that is held by the masternode is utilized like carryout the coin mixing. This procedure makes it progressively hard to comprehend the token source of the executed transaction.


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IEO Launchpad is on LaToken

Initial token : $15,960,000

Max token Supply: 15500000

Initial supply: 12000000

IEO token price: $1.33

Token type: ERC-777

Coin Spec
Name: Tele (TELE)

Type: Masternode blockchain project

Algorithm: Quark (used for PoW only)

Target block time: 60 second block time

Proof: PoS and MN Stake rewards

Masternode Reward: 60 % of block

Duration: PoW Mining Ends at Block 1000, (chain must be staking before this) Maturity: 100 blocks passed Minimum PoS stake age: 8 hours min coin stake age Pre-

mine: 15500000 from block 1 - 500 (31000 Per Block)

Block reward: 0.8409

TCP port Main: Main: 11568 RPC: 11567

TCP port Testnet: Main: 21568 RPC: 21567

TCP port RegTest: Main: 31568 RPC: 31567

Team behind Telecoin project
Team – Telecoin (TELE) - Google Chrome 2019-10-22 08.36.43.pngTeam – Telecoin (TELE) - Google Chrome 2019-10-22 08.37.05.png
More information about telecoin can be access via the official website:

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