New Jury Leverage Trading Bot Exclusive!


Moonberg ๐ŸŒ™ Hello Moon Nation!

We are extremely excited to announce that we have a very unique brand new opportunity to share with the Moonberg community!

To promote our new Jury Leverage Trading Bot Exclusive Opportiunity we will give all users a chance to purchase a leverage trading Moonbot license! However, this is an extremely limited promotional opportunity! Normally the minimum Investment is $25k for these new leverage bots, however with this promotion users will have a chance to participate in the new Jury leverage trading bot for only $2.5k in Mooncoins! (per person)

What do you need to participate?

ยท 1 active sponsor

ยท Minimum $2,500 in Mooncoins in your Account (max $10,000 per person)

What is a Sponsor?

A Sponsor is an already active investor in our Jury Leverage Bot Exclusive Opporutinity with the full Package of min. 25k Dollar in Mooncoins.

What do you need once you have your sponsor and the required amount of Mooncoins?

All you have to do is activate your 360 day Moonbot license with min. $2,500 in Mooncoins and we will change the bot structure automatically in the background and upgrade it to 100% trading with our new Jury Leverage Bot!

This promotion will be available until we reached the $100,000 (Promotion Pool) cap in the bot or latest will be 15th September 2019 8am GMT+2.

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