Moonberg πŸŒ™ We will give our users the opportunity to follow a few of our leverage tradingΒ bots


Dear Moonberg Community

we would like to announce we will give our users the opportunity to follow a few of our leverage trading bots as well some of our Binance Trading bots.

The requirements will be the next:

-A fee of 25 $ paid in Mooncoins.

-Users need to hold in their Moon Shadow Accounts an amount of Mooncoins equal in dollar value to the amount they wish to trade in the exchange account they will connect to our system to use the trading bots.

-The users need to always use our Referral Link of the exchange they are going to use.

After this you will be able to connect to your trading bot directly from your Moonberg Shadow Account and you'll get as a bonus access to our Moon Signals Indicator in tradingview.

Here it is an example:

If you would like to trade with a Bybit balance of 1000 $, you'd need a balance of minimum 500 $ (start conditions) in Mooncoins in your Moon Shadow Account .

If you increase your trading balance you will need more Mooncoin value in your Moon Shadow Account until you match the new trading balance, and if you decrease your trading balance on your exchange account, you can lower or maintain the mooncoins that you are already holding.

Please have in mind that we will start with a 50% rule of holding in Mooncoins the amount that you'll use to trade but that percentage will increase 1% daily starting from the launch date until we reach the value of 75%.

We will allow only a restricted number of people to follow us directly. More information regarding this matter will be announced soon!

Thanks for your support.

The Moonberg Team.

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