How many Bitcoin are REALLY left? . . .

Bitcoin How many are really left? . . . The max supply of Bitcoin is and always will be 21,000,000 or twenty one million (however you would like to put it). As of April 2019 the amount left to mine was a mere four million Bitcoins (4,000,000). This equates to 80.9% or just about 81% of the max supply for BTC which leaves roughly 19% of the max supply left to be mined. The remaining supply should be completely mined within 122 years. There have also been many Bitcoins lost due to individuals losing private keys to wallets, passwords, and entire wallets in general that had a plethora of coins remaining in them when the computer was disposed of with the wallet still installed on it. Other lost causes are those that agencies confiscated Bitcoins due to illegal activities. Not to forget about the many Ponzi schemes such as those that claim to grow your Bitcoin overnight promising upwards of 60% profits within 30 days if you deposit a small amount of BTC into their wallet(s). Usually these schemes work for 30-60 days before completely drying out and eventually becoming extinct. Just a few to be known amongst the many were USI-Tech, RBG Global, and Sierra Hash. Some lasted longer than others but most lasted between 30 and 60 days. After the 30 day mark problems with withdrawals and such would start. However, there would never be a problem with depositing your hard earned BTC! Bitcoin is different than stocks because it CAN BE SPENT! Currently New Zealand has also became the first country to allow hard working people the freedom to be paid in .. YEP .. you guessed it .. BITCOIN! This statement alone should open your mind up or ‘wake you up’ so to speak to what is coming in the not so distant future for NOT ONLY BITCOIN but cryptocurrencies in general! Something BIG is happening in the spiritual world and if you can’t feel it, hopefully you will SEE it happen right in front of your eyes. Freedom to the people! So, I ask YOU, do you have your Bitcoin yet? Have you decided to trade it daily, weekly, monthly or just simply Hold On For Dear Life (HODL) as a nice store of value? The ball is NOW in YOUR court! Do Your Own Research (DYOR) and play to win!

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