We Were Able To Get Some Free AntiTuberculosis Drug From The Rural Health Unit (RHU)


I got worried that I will not be able to buy my last few tablets of these antituberculosis medicine from the drug store branches in our town because the supplier themselves failed to deliver the said drugs in all the drugstores in around our town considering that the drugstore that we are purchasing it from is the biggest in the country.

Fortunately the government center clinic that we call here Rural Health Unit or (RHU) has some stocks so my mother just happened to check if they do sell those but instead of selling we were given for free.

When I got prescribed by it a few months ago in the back of my mind I was thinking that antituberculosis medicine like this Isoniazid-Rifampicin is given for free by the government.

But we already bought a few boxes of it already, five as I can recall and now I am on my sixth box for my sixth month therapy and then I am done, I am a graduate. There is quite a bit of change happened in my lungs though, I seem to never experience that "Wet Lung" issue anymore because I could not hear any crackling sound in my lungs.

I presume now that I did had a Tuberculosis and it got improved because I did took the prescribed medicine for it which is this Isoniazid-Rifampicin. The pandemic it seemed had resulted in discovering this kind of illness in my lungs because had it not been for the Pandemic I wouldn't been screened and X-rayed and able to stumble upon my Pulmunologist who read my chest X-ray results and pointed-out that I have a TB and so I got prescribed by this drug.

Now I feel that my lungs are clearer than ever and I guess that I got cured from my supposed TB. I think that on my future chest X-ray it will get revealed that it did had an improvement, so I will be happy if it would show a good impression.

Now I am hoping that I will be able to gain some weight but that remains to be a difficult thing to do because of the appetite-busting effect of the other drug that I am taking which is Cinacalcet. I am just eating less everyday and not always fulfilling or getting my daily calorie requirements which is why my body is really like skin and bones already.

But still my body just goes and goes like an old Beetle car, won't win any races but will inch along forever.

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