We Just Got Back From My Session With Not Much Issue Except I Got Back Home Heavier With Water

I had my needed dialysis again and not much issue but a relatively slight depression of my BP but not much to get worried since it is just easy for me to endure such events at dialysis. What I could not endure is a very, very low BP that my vision is already starting to dim already and at that point you can never really endure that anymore lest you will suffer a shock.

But today I just went home heavier, about a kilo heavier than my usual and it is such a peeve to me because it robs me of my allowance to drink in-between dialysis plus it will make me go breathless faster not to mention being waterlogged is not a good state of well-being so I am really in a constant discomfort.

That is why my extra body fluids must go but the dialysis nurses are too busy about other things that they could not efficiently do what is good for their patients. The evidence of that are the state of the patients themselves as all are dying like flies and if not cannot walk better, have big bellies because of the same issue of extra water in the body as mine and are weak.

It shouldn't be the case and I am not surprised because most of the nurses are just trying to get a work experience and their only aim was to work abroad in a phenomenon that is called a "brain-drain". I couldn't blame them because the salary here in my country is not really enough to raise a family for the nurses plus salary for them abroad are very attractive since they are a specialty field particularly for dialysis nurses.

But anyway I am still thankful that at least I am saved again but really I do not want this kind of life, it is just I am not ready to stop dialysis and die a lingering death. It is the reason that I am still choosing to go despite that I do not want to come back to my dialysis center.

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We all do what we have to do go keep going, I am happy you are choosing dialysis over death. Still, it must be uncomfortable to have extra water that you can't just get rid of in your body.

Hope tomorrow is better. With the STEEM Blockchain back up, it will surely be a good day.

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03.09.2019 04:28