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We Could See A Bullrun For Bitcoin Again This Year

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Finally new big entities that doesn't want to invest in cryptocurrencies not because of its volatility and other factors but because of lack of clarity are now will join the crypto realm and that is a great thing and historic day for cryptocurrencies.

The US also doesn't want to be left out and wants to be a leader when it comes to this kind of technology because for one thing China already have a digital Yuan. So in the near future we could see a digital dollar which is owned by the US government or the FED. Well I do not know if that is good but what is good is that the US will be crypto-friendly from now on.

I am much excited obviously to see some of my holdings to go up in value because I know that almost all cryptos are correlated to the movement of Bitcoin which will make all other Altcoin prices to move up.

This kind of news will definitely make blurt to gain more users as people profiting from the price rise will venture to other cryptos or platforms with a great potential to valuate more considering that the value of the Blurt token is so undervalued and has a lot of room to go up.

I thank God that I was able to venture in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin because it practically saved my life as it patched my medical needs in so many ways like when I needed to get a surgery for my appendicitis about two years ago.

Now I might live to see my goals to be achieved not only for myself but also for my family if given the fact that the war in Europe will resolve because it is also a big issue when the conflict there gets worse then none of this things that I worked on for years will matter if we are all affected physically by nuclear bomb blasts from a far away countries that will get involved and of course we all pray for those things not to happen.

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