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Sharing And Revealing My Latest Results (ECG and Chest X-Ray) And This Is Why I Do Not Want To Take Them

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I do not know how or what to react about my chest X-ray and ECG which accomplished yesterday. We took the results today after I did another batch of lab test which are the CBC and tests for bleeding if I am susceptible to bleeding or not during procedures like tooth extraction or surgery.

Anyway my fear of getting these two recent tests had been realized. That is why I am always refraining to take them because more probably they will just show abnormalities.

It is for certain that these test are telling a bad impression about my guts, lungs, and lungs because of my extended time as a dialysis patient not receiving the best health care that I needed due to financial reasons even today because I know that I needed a ton of money to fix my body.

What doe the Chest X-ray result shows?

The results meant that I had a Tuberculosis in the upper part of my lungs, I have a Pneumonia in the lower part of my lungs, I have a big heart which is bad because it will mean a weaker heart in the future or maybe even now.

The x-ray also shows that I have a plaque in my Aorta that might lead to a heart attack or stroke. Then the pleural effusion means that I have a pocket of fluids in my right lung and thickening of the lungs which could be calcification due to high calcium blood levels which can be rooted from my Hyperparathyroidism issue.

What does the ECG result shows?

There is a poor R wave progression, it might be an indication of a future heart attack but not necessarily a diagnosis about heart attack. But in my case I have heart abnormalities so it changes the picture about my heart conking-out soon.

How do I go from here?

Well I have mixed feelings about it, for one thing I am not expecting good results so I understand my situation. The other things is that I have not much control over it but I am expecting a much more burden about how my doctor will see it and might give me medications, refer me to another doctor (Pulmonologist and or cardiologist) and worse put me on the third set on dialysis which my parents does not like to happen.

Now I have to deal with the repercussions about discovering these test results which I really am avoiding because for certain they will not show a good result anyway and put me in another difficult situation.

Nothing that I could do but to live my life as normal as possible and try to endure and sweat it out what will happen next. This is just a funny life that I have but I still have to be thankful for what had happened particularly some of the good changes in my health. I sure hope that there is a place like heaven because I didn't enjoyed this life but at least I had met my family and some of my friends.

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