My Two Unhappy Feet Plus One Unhappy Hand


I've been working all night, it is a pleasant and fun night too for me although my left arm is aching with a weird kind of pain. If you see me not posting anymore or not hanging around in the discord channel then I might have suffered a heart attack or so.

Now my left hand is aching and I think it will get worse. It is for the reason that it looks like it will also go to the path of my feet. At first the left feet with its joints are aching when I do use them and then a few months later my right foot had joined the party so I would shuffle around the bathroom where I am free to walk but my body is so contorted and my feet are aching that I am glad that I am still able to walk.

Now it sucks because my left hand is aching as well. It is not a lingering type of pain but when I use it the pain would emerge. I know well the feeling because it is present in my two feet. Now I fear that my among with my other body functions particularly my other joints would give way.

I've been medicating myself with Parathyroid medicine, it helped a lot yes but it just slowed don maybe the progression of my Leontiasis and now the left had is aching and I fear to loose its function for my online ventures which I do at night where it is comfortable and silent, just a perfect environment where there are no distractions.

I really do not like what is happening to my body because of these latest misdevelopments running in my bones considering that I am doing what I can to resolve any issues that I am facing. So I needed more prayers.

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13.07.2019 00:41

I'm sorry to hear about your left hand. At least it wasn't your right hand. If you can you still type, keep typing.

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13.07.2019 01:00

I hope your pain gets better soon

13.07.2019 03:24