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My Tinnitus Is Torturous

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I'm hoping that my tinnitus condition will not get worse because it is bothersome now. Although I needed a peaceful place to live in I still needed a source of white noise like my electric fan and noise coming from the road and all around this house I reside in.

I do believe that it was the bones in the inner ear that got affected since they are small and more vulnerable from my current and previous bone health issues caused by a hyperactive Parathyroid gland.

In my body there aren't any organs now that have not been affected. My eyes are in bad shape, my bones most especially, lungs are always saturated with fluids particularly before my session time even now that I was able to get close to my dry weight. My liver is diseased too, Kidneys conked-out totally although it might be giving me Erythropeitin hormone because I do not get so pale anymore requiring EPO or blood transfusions.

But tinnitus is different because it is constant and torturous I might say because of that constant ringing in your ear that could also very well be originating from the brain for all I know. I do not think that this Tinnitus condition will improve and will not be so surprised that it will leave to deafness my God forbid.

My only escape now is that when I am sleeping or listening to music or some movies or shows than I am distracted but to have this kind of medical condition really is stressful for me because I am annoyed all the time and it bothers me a lot.

»»————-—————-——-—--—- ༺❀༻-—-————-—————-——-—-««

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