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My Nurses Used The Flush Technique For My Session Today

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I am glad that my schedule for dialysis today is not on the third set. It seems that there is no more third set because it seems that the dialysis center was not in full capacity where there had a time they are treating patients four sets per day because of the number of patients considering that we have eight machines in our hospital.

Then as time passes by the number of patients dwindles because of course some will pass-away because of complications. Most cases were diabetes patients because of its complications upon the kidneys. Other causes includes the misusing NSAID medications, infections, and in my case an autoimmune disease which destroyed my kidneys over time.

Anyway, the flush technique is a way for the blood not to coagulate in the blood filter (Dialyzer) and chamber system of the blood lines during the session. It is just running a Saline solution through the bloodlines to prevent clotting every hour or so.

Sometimes patients are already using anti-blood clotting medications which is why they cannot use Heparin™ anymore which is a blood anti-clot intravenous medicine that is infused all throughout the treatment time. It is important for the blood to remain fluid otherwise it will not be satisfactorily cleaned-out.

So the flush system was the one I used today, just a preventative way for my newly extracted gum to not bleed while I am at dialysis. They will do this one more time for my next treatment and then I can go back to my regular schedule afterwards.

But I really do not like the flush system, it just wears down the dialyzer quickly because it creates blockage in the pores of the dialyzer and may also cause some infections during treatment and the risks of me getting the dreaded chills.

The flush system will be used for as long as I am going to the dentist for my successive tooth extraction, I just needed to get this issue solved to prevent me in getting future tooth aches and infections and of course pain!

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