My Diet: My Food Is Something But My Drink Is Another Thing

Food is almost everything for a dialysis patient because we are in a very strict diet and if we are not to follow it religiously then complications may arise. One issue that we have to consider is being overdosed with what food contains like for instance if we eat salty foods we could get hypertension as it makes our body's cells to draw water from it and into the circulation thereby burdening the heart with its pump which can lead to circulatory and cardiac problems.

Eating salty foods which I am not accustomed of doing by the way just leads to being thirsty so I try to limit my access to those kinds of foods considering that my diet consists of a viand that is often cannot be eaten on its own as it has to be eaten with rice.

Salt is one thing, what about the other nutrients in foods?

I also have to lookout for not overdosing myself with potassium which may lead to the heart to stop with its beating. So it is just a potential killer for me to have vegetables and fruits everytime as they are rich in potassium.

But that is just the least of my worries as I have to look out for my Phosphorus intake because if I would get high levels of it in my blood I would exacerbate my Parathyroid and would lead to further worsening of my Leontiasis condition which explains my facial bone and backbone condition.

It is hard because it is just not the appearance that affected me but also my body functions like the way I speak because the inside of my mouth, my palate had been inflated and it causes me to have a speech and eating problems.

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My backbone shrunk too which gave me a pigeon-chested appearance and difficulty in breathing as my internal organs got squeezed in the process. So every bit of water that I would intake would mean pressure to my lungs.

With that I have to look our for my drink habit and try not to take-in much water otherwise I will just drown myself with my own body fluids.

Dialysis is crucial for my well-being.

Now I am in dire need of frequent dialysis because it not only takes away toxins, but also the excessive phosphorus which is the reason why I am suffering from my current bone complication. Also, dialysis would make me feel better between dialysis days because of its cleaning effect and water-drawing factor that can improve my breathing in-between sessions.

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Thinking of other means to get better.

I am still open to other options to clean my blood and I am eyeing for peritoneal dialysis in the future where I will be in control in what goes in and out of my body plus the fact that it cleans my body at least once everyday or three times a day would make me feel much better especially now that I am taking my "Cinacalcet" drug for my hyperactive Parathyroid just to save me from its nauseous and appetite-busting side effects.

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Every time I read your story, I feel so sad but I pray for strength for you dear friend.

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❤️ i think with knowledge it's Great that we are able to control what we eat😘

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