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My Apprehension In Going To The Dentist Today Because of My Teeth And Appearance

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I am more embarrassed than afraid to go to the dentist tomorrow to fix my seemingly unfixable set of teeth as some had been basically dissolved and yet not touching the root of the tooth otherwise I will feel pain.

I have so much teeth to fix, the worse are the ones in front below and that Molar tooth in the upper-left side and I do not know how the dentist will do it but definitely it will be whole days work if not will set me up for another visit.

What I wanted was for the other teeth to get some fillings and some others to be extracted as some really have no more use. I wanted to return my ability to bite and also to chew on my left side of rows of teeth. It was my preferred place to chew, it is just after the Molar had an accident that I switched chewing to the right side.

But before anything bad happens to my teeth and gums I just have to prevent it because it is not that easy and quick to go to the dentist in my case because these days you just needed to get some clearance and lab exams before that even X-ray and ECG.

So I just have to be brave enough and not mind what the dentist will think about my appearance, what matters is that I have to get this thing done before a terrible problem pops-up so that I can at least eat more properly with my mouth.

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