My Appetite Improves With Foods That I Prefer And When I Eat With My Bare Hands


I Already Eaten One These Grouper Fishes

Today I had eaten well, although relatively that is. But at least I enjoyed it a bit because my mother prepared a fried Grouper fish for me. I had it with some soft rice although it was cold already and some tomatoes and onions seasoned with fish sauce.

I enjoyed having the grouper fish because of its meat, it is different because of the texture of its meat which is smooth and slippery when I pick it up and the taste of the meat is nice and delicious. I could eat it everyday because of the said reasons but the fish is very expensive, it is just my mother is concerned about my welfare that she bought expensive fish just for me alone to eat.

My appetite also improves when I eat with my bare hands and I am now trying to eat while sitting up and not my usual position of lying down and messing up the floor and my bed. That is why I am setting up my face towel as my bib just to catch the falling food when I spoon it out from the bowl or plate.

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I thank God that my body quite improved with that regard that I can ear now while sitting up and I am really happy about it. It is because before I am really spilling out food from my mouth plus supporting my body with my left elbow hurts before bu now it is not hurting anymore.

At least there was an improvement and I hope that God wills it for me to continue to improve and that the inside of my mouth wold continue to revert back a little so I won't go back with talking where people could not understand what I am saying or eat with difficulty enough that I have to lay down to be able to eat.

Now my speech can be understood and my nurses told me about that too because they noticed it so I needed more prayers because I just want to live near normal with normal body functions at least so that I could live more easily without worrying much about life.

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18.08.2019 11:41

Your Wishes Be Granted in JMN!! Amen.

18.08.2019 14:32