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Local News In My Country Is Reporting Depressing Price Hikes In Basic Commodities

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It is now told in the news that there will be a double digit price hike on petroleum products, then the prices of many vegetables already are for the "rich-only" level of prices and I guess that it will not stop there particularly if the price hike is implemented next week.

Usually the price hike for petroleum products are almost instant, now they are a bit considerate about it and would announce a price adjust in the next coming days. Well again the bad things is that the fuel prices might triple form the current prices and that is really devastating especially for poor people here in my country, the criminality might go up and that is scary.

My worry too is that my dialysis session price might be affected and most probably the extra hospital charges might hit a very scary level that could be enough for other patients to lessen their weekly session. Many dialysis patients are just "making ends meet" and like I am are relying on our government health insurance "Philhealth" to patch our treatment session payments.

Dialysis is said to be the illness of the rich because it is almost impossible to sustain it if your payment would come out of pocket. Even though we are insured it still gets pricey because of the additional hospital charges and then the gas we consume in going to and from the dialysis center.

So I might see another patient skip a session or quit altogether. I myself is terrified about that thought to happen to me because I do not want to end like them, it is just hell to quit dialysis, it is hard to die and that long wait for your slow death to come.

I hope that the CoViD pandemic would this year to lessen the blow of hardship of this peculiar events that is happening to us. So I am just angry with Putin making the lives of many people hard especially in the Ukraine area. But regarding the Pandemic here in my country I am already happy because the cases are going down thanks to the people who are in majority seeks out and accepts the vaccination which is why the cases are going down and proving that the vaccines are working.

I am still fortunate that I am able to earn a bit online unlike other people who would work hard seeing their salary unable to buy the same amount of things that they need because everything had gone up with no possible of abating as for now. I am fortunate still and I thank God a million for that but still I am greatly affected by these terrible global events even though I am physically away from the conflict in Ukraine.

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