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It's The Hot Season Already Here In My Neck Of The Woods! 😎

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I love the hot season, it is inconvenient and uncomfortable for me but at least it provides me one special benefit which is a more liberal consumption of fluids. I only have a little room in my body for consuming liquids, now that I have this condition with my spine that is squeezing my lungs.

So the hot season helps and now I have to adjust again because things are getting toasty again considering that my room unfortunately is the hottest part of this old house that I am living into.

But at this time the nights are still cooler, typical of our weather where it tends to be more comfortable gain at around dawn until it gets hot again at around 9:00 AM onwards. Sometimes it gets so hot that the radiation of heat coming off from the ceiling above me is already hurting my skin.

Still I like it a lot, for one thing sunny days elevates the mood as well compared to rainy and overcast months. There is a considerable weather changes that I had observed which are the wet and rainy tends to be not lasting longer in weeks on end and compared nowadays the rain goes on and off making way for the sun to shine in-between.

I just needed this kind of hot weather, it allows me to let out some toxins off from my body through my skin. Salt crystals tends to accumulate on my skin after the sweat had evaporated which is why I know it helps my body in regulating the balance of sodium (salt) in my blood and giving me a better blood pressure in turn.

I am already through with the cold weather, it is just hard to take a shower particularly in the morning prior to going for my dialysis before the sun goes up. Many people in my country doesn't like the icky feel of the hot and humid weather but for me it is the opposite because of the benefits it gives me for my better well-being.

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