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It's Enjoyable Now To Shower In My Province Because It Is The Hot Season

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My blood is now being thawed by the onset of the hot season, sometimes it rains but I guess that it is the new normal now for this kind of weather system in my country. We are near the equator and it is sunny most of the time which is why the use of the Solar power is better compared to other countries where it is often cloudy and rainy.

Now I am using my laptop cooler more because during these times my laptop feels like it is overheating. I am not using this laptop's CPU and GPU to the max that is why it is lasting long about four years old from the time that I purchased it. Now it is even more capable because of the memory upgrade to 16 Gb and the storage to SSD so now I know that it is not burdened anymore.

Anyway I am used to this kind of weather but it doesn't mean that I am comfortable, it is just I am benefiting when I sweat as it lowers down some of the Salt in my body as well as other toxins and of course some fluids which maybe why I am arriving now at my dialysis with a lesser water load from my body to be removed in the dialysis process.

With these kind of temperature the water coming from the tap gets warm as well, sometimes it gets warm enough to hurt your hands when you put your hand unto the running water because part of the water line crosses the concrete road. So sometimes I would long for an ice water when I shower and that is putting some ice in the bucket of water and it gets more refreshing to bath with that kind of cooler water within a hot environment.

But after going out from the shower you will come back to a humid and hot temperature within the house and you will perspire again. You might ask if why I do not use an A/C? it is because for one thing it is an electricity guzzler and it really doesn't benefit me as I have stated above, in fact it will just make me get loaded up with fluids faster and I do not want that to happen.

Now we can save-up on cooking gas again because we do not need to heat some water to shower, that is one benefit of a hotter climate. My early dawn shower will not be as difficult now because no more chilly water to contend with even though I can tolerate showering even if it is cold, I just have to take a bath before going out for my dialysis sessions.

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