I Violated My Diet But That's OK


My last meal was more than six hours ago and the moment that I ate these couple of small pizza slices I am in the verge already of having a low blood sugar attack.

My sister actually was the one who ordered pizza from the city adjacent to our town and she gave us one piece each with my father. But my mother didn't eat her share but instead she gave it to me knowing that I will going to like it and the fact that I haven't eaten much since my small breakfast.

Well who couldn't resist a pizza? It is so tempting that I did eat it anyway since I have a phosphate binder to counter its phosphorus content because cheese is high in phosphorus as well as the ham as they use phosphates to make the ham moist particularly the cooked ones.

I am really hungry so I ate it and violated my diet but I have to eat and put something in my body otherwise my body will eat its own muscles anyway so it will be like I am eating meat too and the result will be additional toxins for my body.


My Phosphate Binder Allows Me To Eat Liberally

So I rather have toxins by eating than getting then while not eating. But the toxins are the least of my concern because right now I am contending with extra fluids in my body that affects my well-being which is at the moment so shitty and my lungs are surprisingly holding despite fluids in them.

I should not be thinking about this but my nurses are doing a bad job about their job. I am slowly being killed and the bad thing was that other people that should save me are doing it.

It sucks, this is my life, it is a punishment and funny that I can still blog despite all these things. My next session God-willing is on Tuesday and it seems an eternity of wait again.


My Ever Dependable Mother Took This Photo

This ne puppy that my sister's husband bought is so noisy at the moment, just getting used to its leash maybe. At least this one could get some attention from my sister's family rather than the last dog of ours whom they do not care about.

We had a bad experience with black dogs, I do not know but they have a wicked history of turning against us. Do you have a bad experience with black-colored dogs?

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Hope it tasted good even if it spiked your blood sugar.. sometimes we eat things that taste great but aren't all that good for us.

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14.09.2019 10:47

I am just most of the time eating twice a day@solominer and with small portions so even though the pizza is somewhat of a junk food it is my last meal of the day today.
My diet is just poor because of my appetite issues I am just choosing to eat things like this. More often it is just rice and some chicken or fish or toasted bread with margarine.

14.09.2019 11:16


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14.09.2019 11:01

Pizza is always a welcome treat, hopefully it does not cause you too much trouble. No issues with black dogs, although we don’t have any neighbours do and they are very good natured.

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15.09.2019 16:12