I Really Must Control My Water Intake

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This water crisis that I am enduring is very troublesome for my well-being and I must have a total control over it lest I will make myself experience more misery. I am glad that my lungs aren't filling up with fluids unlike other patients which cough and cough until it brought them down into their demise.

So the next year which I am hoping that will bring me relief is what I am looking forward to if God will bless me with another year to live (or punish me whichever you may look at it) because I do have a strong feeling that my health insurance, a universal health care from my government, would and can be able to finally give us dialysis patients with extra sessions that we can use to finally let us have the three times weekly dialysis sessions.

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That will only be convenient if cryptos by that time would be friendlier so that I could afford the extra hospital bill that I am paying everytime I would go for my dialysis session. But other dialysis centers are not charging so I also hope that I can transfer anywhere where they aren't charging extra since I am not getting a good dialysis from my current center due to my current complaints.

So with more frequent dialysis means more frequent dialyzer replacement and those things aren't cheap too and that are some of my worries regarding my expenses since no one in my family really helps me alot with my expenses except one of my brothers and my sister which is not that significant, I just hope that their salaries in the future would improve too.

Now I just have to sacrifice a little more so that I could hold my health condition to not let it fall doesn't go too much into it's downward spiral. I actually accepted already that I will die soon but not to a point that I will suffer a lingering death that I am always trying to avoid. May God help me.

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