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I'm Tightening My Belt More Now Because Of Soaring Medical Expenses

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I've learned yesterday that there was about double the increase the price of what we call an anti-coagulant "Heparin" for patients that requires it. I have no idea why other patients buys it while it is included in the package of the dialysis treatment. In-fact my dialysis center charges my government health insurance about 500 Pesos more while if we would pay cash it will be at a regular price without that additional charge.

So I am expecting that my dialysis treatment cost will will be up with potentially maybe a quarter or a third more from its current price. Thankfully it is still covered by my insurance and now since we are in a pandemic still we have a relatively unlimited use of our dialysis treatment with the only factor that we have to pay extra for every hospital visit.

What I am also worried about is that we might pay some more extra money for that hospital charge because as the hospital says, it is a payment for the nurse's PPE's and the alcohol that is sprayed on our hands in the Triage before we enter the treatment area. The fee is not cheap, from $6 dollar's worth to now $12 dollars and might soon be adjusted to burden the patients considerably.

In other dialysis centers there was also a charge, some less and in others way more, almost costing the regular dialysis treatment value if paid cash like in the city near our town. But of course in that hospital a doctor gets to see you more frequently while in my center my Nephrologist can't see us and only if there are issues my Nurses will notify the Nephrologist through call, texts, or video calls and document data transfers.

Now I am trying not to buy non-essential things even the Jam spreads that I am eating with bread. But if my Laptop would conk-out I will be forced to purchase one again so I am glad that my Lenovo Laptop is doing great especially after I was able to upgrade its memory and Storage drive to SSD which made things more fluidly fast that is why I might chose Lenovo brand of Laptop again for my next purchase, this one is already more than four years old already and had been my companion everyday non-stop with breaks when I am going to sleep, going for my treatment session, and when I use the bathroom.

Now I bought my Laptop which I should have done when I bought this unit a cooler so that it would not heat -up as much and might contribute for its longevity because I really need this unit to last for as long as possible.

For the time being anyway I will have to save my money and using it for my medical needs for the most part because truly, no one will ever pay for my needs and I am glad that I have some relatively deep pocket to give me some peace of mind that I will not find myself wanting because of my savings.

Times had been tough especially now and it is bound with uncertainty coupled with fear for our physical lives like this current War news in the media on top of the Pandemic which might be fading away but is still there with not much info if we could eradicate it or not completely. We just have to turn to God because of these so unusual times and pray hard so that humanity can be delivered from that event that humanity haven't experienced or happened before that very well might come true if things will get out of hand.

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