I Can't Escape From The Clutches Of Medicines 💊😷💉


I Just Needed A Substantial Relief

Pain had been flaring up again from the last few days with my ribs, knees and feet not to mention my neck too and this is no new issue for me as had been enduring my pain issues for quite a bit of a time now and still my body is holding which I do not know if would be proud of it or not.

So I had taken my NSAID pain reliver for the purpose of diminishing the pain. Well it works and I am not comfortable about it because NSAIDs are known to cause gastric problems like ulcer if taken for a longer period of time, usually no longer than 2 weeks but depending on the dosage a patient would experience ulcerations especially if they experience stomach pain after taking the drug.

I have know some people or even few of my co-dialysis patients which are known to had consumed NSAIDs for an extended period of time, they not only had ulcerations but also damaged their kidneys hence they had to undergo chronic dialysis.

I Could Not Avoid Medicines

I am just glad that my lovedones knew that fact especially my mother so she is advising some of my family and other people really not to take it and if they could endure the pain to just tolerate it rather than get the risk of organ damage due to misuse of such drug.

But for me I have to take it although not everyday because of the said reasons. But I have to kill my pains or at least to reduce it so that I could be able to move around with a bit of ease otherwise it will just be torture because not only I have pain issues but also weakness, breathlessness, stiffness, and all that.

What is good when I get eased a bit because of the effect of the NSAID I get a little drowsy so I would just sleep then I would realize that I am in pain all these times because of the absence of pain and I get to appreciate that although still I do not want really want to put chemicals in my body considering that I have a failed excretory system because it is like putting poison in my body in that regard.

Pain Relief Is So Comforting That It Induces Sleep For Me

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Pain is one thing that is not hood for anyone, I wish you s quick recovery.

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