I Am Practicing To Eat Upright Again


It seems that the bone within my upper mouth had receded a bit plus I could close my mouth more which means that I was able to chew my food without making a mess and difficulty. Now bit by bit I am able to eat upright and was using my hands too as well which makes me happy because at least I am able to eat more than usual.

By why I meant about more is I could relatively more than what I am able to eat from the past few months. But I am still having difficulty nonetheless because of the extra water weight issue that I have and it contributes to my capacity because if you are already bloated it is harder to put something inside your body.

There are many things that are running into my mind right now like that peritoneal dialysis that I wanted to happen because it will allow me to control how much fluids that I can get off from my body and the amount that I can put into and not rely on my nurses who are just basing on the numbers in their record charts and not on the complaints of the patients.

So patients are suffering here and like myself who is struggling about my well-being and how I could level it up a notch just to ease-up what I feel inside me. Also, the weather is not helping because I could not let out extra water from my system through perspiration which in these season I could not make to happen because it is a fair weather mostly that is happening and that adds to my problem regarding my health.

In these times I just have to have a total control and a sturdy will-power so that I would fell better between dialysis. I just needed frequent dialysis now because my body is not the same anymore, needs change or else I would be paying the price like what I am doing right now.

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04.09.2019 05:21

Wow, that's great news! I have never tried eating while lying down, but I imagine it must be very challenging.

04.09.2019 05:39

It is okay but to eat all the time like that is not @joshman and now I have to contend with my throat/esophagus as it got pulled down due to my receded backbone.
At least I got an improvement especially about my speech difficulty because people could not understand what I am saying all the time because I could not press my lips together last year.

04.09.2019 05:52

This is good news that you are eating, sitting upright. But... how has your bones/growth moved? How did you discover this? This must have been a slow process in shifting.

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04.09.2019 19:55

Happy to abreasted with your current state and improvements thus far!!

It is a good development and my prayers are always with you always!!

Very soon, we shall have every cause to celebrate total victory over sicknesses and diseasses , IJMN Amen!!

05.09.2019 12:35