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I Am Feeling Good And Bad At The Same Time Because Of My Health And Then The Current Events

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Last night I relatively "Went to Bed" and called it a day, slept good and it was a terrific feeling. I am just limiting my caffeine intake with about a cup of coffee per day in the morning with my small breakfast because I know that coffee just disturbs the quality of sleep. So if I am not really craving for coffee then I will not drink it and it is just because in the mornings I wanted to get perked-up so I won't feel drowsy and alleviate my mood to cheer-up after waking-up.

Then I am also happy that the current I.V. iron (Intravenous Iron) therapy every two weeks seem to give my body a better boost of well-being and quality of life as if I had a blood transfusion. The hemoglobin level went up 30 points after only about three weeks. So now that is what I will do rather than taking the oral route.

Now I do believe that I might hit the normal level of red blood cell count because of my current vitamin intake and that I.V. iron therapy. The one issue that I want to end is my appetite loss problem and even though it is not terrible I can't enjoy eating now, it has now become a chore for me and eating is a matter of survival so I won't at least get malnourished.

I still can't get the needed calories that I require which explains my emaciated body but at least I am not malnourished and keeping my immunity high otherwise I will get sick so easily and succumb to other opportunistic illnesses like CoViD. So I am glad and happy that I do not even catch cold for many years now thanks to a seemingly negligible but works wonderfully, the Vitamin C.

In the other hand I feel worried and bad

Now that the war in Europe happening and it could get ugly in the coming days or weeks, I am feeling a bit worried as it could also mean my life. Being a dialysis patient means that I am dependent on machines to help bridge my life and if global catastrophe happens disturbing that system that my dialysis uses then many lives like the one that I have will succumb. It is a dreadful thought but unfortunately the world is crazier than that.

In this day and age we should just be focusing in cooperation and progress but some people thinks otherwise like Putin with a backwards mind that he thought that this is still the old times where land should be conquered for the betterment of the empire. But what happens is that it created the opposite of what should be progress but rather a destruction of lives or maybe even countries or the globe leaving us nothing, all because of some single evil mind that left the world hostage and not giving a hope to pursue happiness because everything what we had achieved will lay in ruins.

So now what we can do is to just turn to God and pray so that humanity would not self-destruct and at the same time enjoy our lives at the moment while things are still not as bad as it would probably for the next few days or weeks because things will get ugly if Putin will not be stopped in his evil ways. Life is so short we have to do good things to one another.

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