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Hypersonic Missile Is Just Unstoppable Which Is One Of The Scary Part Of The War In Ukraine

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It was told in the news outlets that Russia already used a hypersonic missile in Ukraine and Russian military conformed it as well and they said that it they targeted something like an ammunition storage area or something like that by the Ukrainian army.

A hypersonic missile travels at around more then 3.3 Km/sec, it can maneuver around radar systems and with that speed no rocket can ever bring it down. So it is also a game changer during a war where targets seems to be like sitting ducks because of the speed of the missile and maybe the amount of explosives that it can carry including nuclear war heads.

China for one thing has the technology and capability with the use of hypersonic missiles while the UK is on the process of developing one while the US possibly might already have one because their own Hypersonic development is hampered by
the US's bureaucracy if not politics.

It is a scary stuff with Russia already have the hypersonic missile as well as China because these two countries are repressive countries and might get an upperhand regarding when a major conflict happens thereby endangering the freedom of every person in the planet.

I can't see no known system that could counter an incoming hypersonic missile because of its maneuverability and speed which is about ten times the speed of sound. So you could imagine such a quick-flying weapon devastating a territory more than like a termite and possibly toppling the government on target because it is an accurate kind of missile that can destroy key targets in a vulnerable country which has not defense against it.

So the war in Ukraine is just uncertain to stop especially now that Putin is making use of variety of high-tech weapons with a possibility of ending the world as we know it and then taking humanity back farther from the stone age because in the era of the stone age period at least their offsprings will not beget children with abnormalities, mutations, or and or cancer but after a nuclear holocaust that is possible to happen I think we will not get chances to live our lives normally again.

It sounds like a science fiction subject but hypersonic missiles is very much real, it actually had been used by Putin a few days ago all for the wrong reasons like his invasion of Ukraine. I just hope that there is also a high tech system for hypersonic missile deterrence otherwise even powerful nations seems to be like a helpless country if there will come a time that it would land in their territories.

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