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Going On After Two Years So We Must Be Always Alert And Stay On The Safe Side

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I think that the Pandemic is here to stay, in fact there are always a mutation going on with the offending CoViD virus. But here in my country the people are always willing to get vaccinated and I for one already had gotten the Astra Zeneca booster shot on top of my first two Pfizer vaccination.

I believe that I have a top notch immune system already because I am not catching cold anymore nor the common flu because of my regular vitamin C use then with an immunity for the CoViD itself because of the vaccine it made me confident that I will not catch the virus too after all I am always isolated here in my own room but only going out for my dialysis.

Anyway the number of CoViD cases here in my country continues to fall and the government had already eased up the restrictions because of that. The commuter can now find themselves full packed in Buses and other modes of public transport. But masks are still required and I guess that it is just prudent to use one always because it aids in protecting us from not only the virus but also pollution.

But sadly in other parts of the world like in Hong Kong or China plus in Korea the cases seems to be not improving and it just justifies my own opinion that CoViD is here to stay and that in the future we will be required at least two booster shots per year considering that the virus is like another new virus when it does mutate.

I also advocate the use of vitamin C because it does wonders for the cells of the body making some form of immunity and also it has been proven the speedy recovery form infections and wounds. Vitamin C in the form of tablet is better because it gives much vitamin C rather than if you would source it from fruits which has a lot of sugars if you eat too much of eat although eating a few servings of fruits per day is also recommended while observing a proper balanced diet as well.

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