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Europe And The Rest Of The World Is In Dicey Situation

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I often see that if an entity gets big and powerful they became monsters. This is true for big businesses where they have a fleet of lawyers ready to defend them against somebody or some group that challenges their interests.

Often they would kill the competitor business and abuse their discretion regarding their practice on how they would do their business, hide their wealth someplace where it cannot get taxed, avoiding getting sued for some violation like against the environment, health, lives and safety of people, etc.

They become immune from prosecution even if they would circumvent the law. Some big business also eats other business and incorporate it in their system to make themselves better and in turn richer. Nobody will not stand on their way and for this reason in some ways they are monsters and should be feared.

This happened to Putin of Russia, now he had become a billionaire with billionaire and multi-millionaire friends, the so-called oligarchs that sides with him in order to make their businesses smooth sailing.

Putin thinks that he is so big that the west fears him even though NATO or the US and the rest of the world has a reason to because Russia is a superpower equipped with many nuclear weapons.

So what is happening now is that Putin thinks that he is so powerful and big (which he really is) that he has now the appetite to conquer territories that he believes that Russia should absorb.

So the first candidate country for that was Ukraine and is now being terrorized by a single person which is condemned by most of the countries of the world thereby sanctioning him, his Oligarchs, and the rest of Russia to the detriment of its citizens including the rest of countries that benefits from Russia's oil plus also the rest of the world as markets react to this unusual event and now causing worries fear, and lives especially the people of Ukraine and also Russia's armies on the ground.

Now the war in Ukraine is making the whole world in a precarious situation and I hate the fact that I will be affected by this issue by some madman across the globe where even in my nightmares I haven't imagined it, being involved or wanted to get involved and yet I will also feel the effect especially if a greater war happens.

There was also a threat by Putin to Finland and Sweden that if these two nations would join NATO then they will also be a target by Putin's wrath. If that happens then again it will surely escalate until NATO gets involved and after that we could only hope to die fast otherwise it will be a slow death after nuclear weapons get hurled into the air decimations lives by the hundreds of thousands if not millions in each strike. The terrifying thing is that the possibility of that happening is really high for now, may God help us all.

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