Crypto Peso is now on Steem-Engine and is being Airdropped to 16,000 Steem Accounts. Help EOSVenezuela use steem to make the CryptoPeso more relevant than the government Petro or fiat Bolivar

@eosvenezuela token CryptoPeso is now on and is being airdropped to 16,000 Steem accounts! @eosvenezuela hops the PSO and PSOp on Steem-Engine can bring a new economic system for Latin America and allow the world to invest in Venezuelas Blockchain community.

Trade PSOp here on Steem Engine

Or for EOS here on Newdex

And check the Richlist and Block Explorer here on


Check the website and white paper here:






We have had a witness on Steem for a long time, and although our focus has been on EOS we are now coming back to be more active. Info on @provenezuela witness

We are airdropping 16,000 Cryptopesos on Steem to the top 16,000 steem accounts. We used the @steemspeak airdrop snapshot taken a few weeks ago and so if you had over 200SP owned or delegated you will receive at least 1 Crypto peso or PSOp which you can


Join the discord OR to get some free PSOp using @banjo tip bot. or come to the Telegram and soon get PSO tipped over the tip bot: eos tip bot!

Come to the telegram and tell us about your experience trading PSO on Steem Engine!

VVenezuela has been given a lot of aid in recent times from the crypto world and if we could focus that Aid into investment of PSO we can create a new model for economic revitalization and investing in PSO and its active distribution to all venezuelan Citizens can be seen as form of financial blood transfusion. With EOS Voice and steem here to help on board the expensive EOS blockchain which costs $2 to create an account, we can on board millions of Venezuelans and ensure they each have 1 PSO, as the 1 Billion max supply leaves plenty for distribution to all Venezuelans. I have reached out to @lukestokes of @eosdac to get a PSO DAC for @eosvenezuela using the Dac Factory here:


PSO can one day become a multi billion dollar resource for the people and businesses of Venezuela and investment in PSo can be the free market alternative to the public sector Petro which is not available for regular people top trade. PSO is in no way associated with Petro besides both being from Venezuela and I want to make that extremely crystal clear for anyone worried about new US federal laws in the making which would make trading in the PETRO illegal. This is NOT the Petro or oil backed, it is a community created token for EOSvenezuela and it seeks to unite ALL Latin American nations as it is a Petro NOT a Crypto Bolivar (Fiat Venezuelan Money) so I hope people recognize PSO as a way to invest in the people not the government of Venezuela.


Together we can make this EOSIo and STEEM token more relevant and powerful than the Government created Petro. And eventually we want the PSO to become even more used than the actual official fiat currency of Venezuela the Bolivar, and EOS Voice and Steem will help on board millions to own their first Crypto peso, along with @banjo discord tip bot by steem developer @inertia who we thank. We use his bot on EOSVenezuela discord to tip PSOp to Discord users. Therefor we can distribute to as many users as we have on discord! Thank you for reading and follow @eosvenezuela for more information!

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1% of this post rewards are going to @steemdoa to help steem's governance and 1% are going to @steempeak who helped make this great front end we use now


20.09.2019 02:26

Good project friends of @cryptopeso, thanks for sharing this initiative that will surely help a lot of our people in Venezuela.

Go ahead friends, upvote and resteem.

20.09.2019 03:15

Hell yes i am sending you 100 PSOp for being first!

20.09.2019 03:37

Thanks friend!

20.09.2019 03:44

This is a lovely initiative, I hope the dream is actualized.

20.09.2019 04:21

You just won 100 Cryptopeso! 100 PSOp has been sent to your steem-engine account :) image.png

26.09.2019 17:47

Good to read this post, this good initiative that you bring, I am very happy, I hope that many of the people will support this and it will become much bigger. Greetings.

21.09.2019 03:11

Very cool and we hope to see you and others make some social media posts to promote PSO? I feel like its at just such a small fraction of its potential and together we can take it to the multibillion dollar marketcap we deserve.

heres 10 Crypto peso!

26.09.2019 18:30

Howdy dear @cryptopeso.

Great Work Guys! Good news for all Venezuelans.
Upvote to Resteemed.

Pd: I think your link to the telegram channel doesn't work. I tried several times but failed to join the channel. Please check, I would love to have you on Telegram. Thank you.

Your friend, Juan.

23.09.2019 03:57

Thanks for noticing this and We have corrected the problem, here is the telegram link I just tested it multiple times

And is a new easy to remember discord link for

And here is 30 PSOp for your help!

26.09.2019 18:25