A Walk to Remember

It was back in the time when I went to Hyderabad for a couple of days, it was a business trip but I remember all those three years that I have spent here back in the days.c7gg5mmh93.jpg


I was in my hotel room and suddenly the nostalgia kicked in and I went back in my thoughts when I was here two years ago and how I used to go to himayat sagar e86ji1ponw.jpgand have a cup of tea chilling with my friends and all those funny talks, so I decided to go himayat sagar and refresh my memories.

On the way

I booked a cab from my hotel in banjara hills to himayat sagar, it was a one hour journey from the hotel and on the way when I was looking at the passing by buildings and roads, I see nothing is changed here,mpo6frntbi.jpg except only a few other new buildings alongside. Hyderabad is a very special place for me, I have spent some very best years here of my life.

Himayat Sagar

I reached himayat sagar and the sunset was approaching, I looked at the place, and there was a smile on my face, these were the roads I used to walk on with my friends with a cup of tea in my hand and I noticed the tea stall was still there, The tea maker used to make a special tea i.e Irani tea, I went to the tea stall and asked for a cup of irani tea, he recognised me but he was a bit confused, then I gave him a hint by saying 'chicha it's me', he smiled and said after a long time, then I explained him about my business trip. With a cup of tea in my hand I walked to the place we all used to sit watching the sunset but I see that the place been changed and some alterations have been made here, there used to be open clear view of sunset from this place but now there was an iron fence by the side,zzwloeatml.jpg I asked the tea maker curiously about what happened, he told me that tis place became a suicide point for youngsters so due to security reasons the government had put a fence there.
I sat there for a hour sipping the tea and watching the sunset then I booked my cab for the hotel.

Thanks for reading and viewing my photography.

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