My Leo account power up and some new findings!

Good evening People!

Little by little i'm increasing my leo stake, just brought 46 leo that already staked along with the 113 that brought some days before, in summary my leo stake is 448, 52 leo away from the Leo minnow badge!

If you read my previous posts you already know about some projects that i follow, to be specific i just want to update something about SORA (XOR).

Community test (Sora Staging) on testnet is over. Testnet will continue to work, and if you are participated in Community test, then you will have your reward for testing in mainnet! Download new app, register and receive your reward! You deserve it :sparkles:
We are going to have release party in Los Angeles, so if you are around — you are welcome to join 🙂

With this message on telegram informed us that the test net are over and they launched on main net, that means people who participated on the test were eligible to get some real XOR! The amount of 13.37 XOR is far away from that i had on test net (125.000) but I'm OK with it, they also reset all the invitation links we get daily to three and i have only one available right now, if someone want to join Sora using link below: in case that you will be asked for invitation code just use the last part of the link : bddeeadb.


In other news, i have one more finding that called Horizen and they have available a free faucet that you can claim every 20 Hours!

building a technology platform with optional privacy features that aims to enable an application-rich and inclusive ecosystem to provide people with freedom and everyday usability.

I don't want to explain about their project because i don't really care much, it's just some coins that already registered on CoinMarketcap, have value and you can claim them for free, feel free to join with my link :


Because i don't like to share worthless shit or scam sites, i was waiting for payment proofs first, so by now i have two confirmed transactions on my Binance account (their Desktop wallet is quite good but i wasn't able to create a new wallet but who knows you may do).


Have a nice Day!!


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Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

18.10.2019 16:24

ill try zen! how much does the faucet pay onn average?

18.10.2019 16:52

look my withdrawals above, they have also a loyalty bonus if you claim daily (max x2) and the chance to win 1 ZEN. i suggest you to use your binance wallet dont try yet their beta wallet .
Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 7.png

18.10.2019 17:02

my bad I read it in a hurry and missed them XD

18.10.2019 17:04