The Diary Game 23/3/2021: Sakura blooming

IMG_20210323_163505-3.jpgTheir petals scattered on the ground and we found these 3 laying on the ground

Hi, this is my first time posting in this community 😁 I hope more of you who live in Japan and any who is Japanese and wanted to share something with us about Japan culture or anything Japan, please don't be hesitate to join us here.

Today in the afternoon we went out for a grocery shopping and also to look around around our neighborhood if sakura trees around here have started blossoming. Nearby our area they are already in full bloom. Weather was a bit chilly and breezy. School age children having fun at the playground and my kids want to join them. I said its big kids turn to play there now and its dangerous to play with them as they usually playing too rough and accidentally hit smaller kids while running around playing catch and tag. We stopped by at the small park near our area and adoring the cherry blossoming.

After done with the sakura we went to the nearby post office to cash out some cash at their ATM. Then we head on to the grocery store. We bought a little bit more meat and fish today. Not much vegetables in this shop, we might go to another shop next few days to buy vegetables as that shop usually have more vegetables supply.

We stop by at the drug store to buy their diapers and my face lotion before heading back home.


How about you all? Have you visit and see any sakura tree lately and took a photo of them? Share with us in the comment section or post about it in this community 😊

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Sakura is a beuatifull flower

23.03.2021 11:48

Oh hoo so nice especially diary game post.

23.03.2021 12:07

Very pretty cherry blossoms, and so beautiful when we look at them, have a nice day.

23.03.2021 12:37

Word Japan and Sakura always go together. When I see this I remember the Robarosia trees filled with flowers as same as your second photo. How wonderful this season is!

23.03.2021 12:49

This season is the most pretty season for me, but unfortunately for me I sneeze a lot during this season.. 🤧

24.03.2021 07:22

Hermosas fotografías, hermoso lugar

23.03.2021 13:30

The cherry blossoms are so beautiful, but unfortunately I have never seen them in person, because there are no cherry blossoms in my place.

23.03.2021 20:54

Visit any country with spring seasons and with cherry tree you will see them 😊

24.03.2021 07:23

Hehe 😊That's right, of course I really like going abroad to see different things what I have never seen and want to experience new things, but I have never been to other countries.

24.03.2021 07:41

muy linda las fotografias. lastimosamente no he logrado ver un arbol asi por estos lados del mundose ven muy hermoso.
Linda tarde.

24.03.2021 23:04

Welcome! いいな!The cherry blossoms are some of the most beautiful trees. I was fortunate enough to live beside a type of cherry blossom tree in england :) I don't know which type but i still felt really lucky!

25.03.2021 14:08

que linda nena y que bueno que ya estan las flores primaverales por alla. por este lado del mundo estamos en otoño

26.03.2021 02:05

thank you for showing us a picture of a Sakura flower, a beautiful name for a tree. These trees in Italy are called "cherry trees"

26.03.2021 03:28

My able mentor @cryptokannon I appreciate your able effort. Please this is a link to my achievement 1

Please verify and upvote if it is up to standard. Thanks in advance.

28.03.2021 14:19