Steem Greeters Curation with @steemcurator03 and Steem Greeters tasks Report; Week 3 of March 2021


I have helped the team with curation for Newcomers Achievement Program and also inviting and curating some of existing steemian that have been long inactive to start posting again on Steemit.
I used @steemcurator03 to reward 3 of Pro Newcomers that been helping newcomers in the Newcomers Community too.

Here are the lists of post that I have curated with @steemcurator03
and I have also leave a comment but without a curation to guide newcomers on what to do next or for their achievement tasks that have missed the curation windows.

No. Note on Tasks Post Links
1 Invited to community
2 Curation support
3 Curation on achievement task
4 Curation on helping steem greeters team
5 Curation on helping steem greeters team
6 curation on achievement task
7 curation on achievement task
8 curation on achievement task
9 Invited to community
10 Guided on missed curation post
11 Guided on achievement tasks
12 Guided on achievement tasks
13 Guided on achievement tasks
14 Greeting Newcomers
15 Guided on achievement task
16 Guided on achievement task
17 Guided on achievement task
18 Guided on achievement task
19 Guided on achievement task
20 Guided on achievement task
21 Guided on achievement task
22 Greeting Newcomers
23 Greeting Newcomers
24 Greeting Newcomers
25 Greeting Newcomers
26 Greeting Newcomers
27 Greeting Newcomers
28 Greeting Newcomers

Steem Greeters Team Tasks

I've been guiding and advising my steem greeters team members on what to do if they encountered issue on curation or verifications of the newcomers. I also help to monitor the usage of steemcurator03 curation being done as intended.

We now have a Roster for curating any of Steem Greeters programs as we have some issue with the old curation systems few weeks ago.
They are curating based on the UTC Timezone Reference 12AM TO 11:45PM(1 DAY CYCLE OF CURATION)

Timezone Converter

Day Country
Monday Spanish speakers Countries
Tuesday African countries
Wednesday Indian continents countries
Thursday English speakers countries SEA/European/North America/Oceania/Indonesian
Friday Buffer Day/No curation except for Curation of Pro Newcomers and greeter fairy
Saturday 500 SP Minnow Support Program & African Countries
Sunday Steemit Nursery & Spanish speakers countries

We have 3 new team members that are also Country Representative and they willing to help with steem greeters tasks as newcomers getting increase in numbers. We have welcomed @inspiracion (CR of Venezuela) @wilmer1988(CR of Venezuela) and @haidermehdi (CR of Pakistan) into Steem Greeters Team.

Kind Regards,
steem greeters team.

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Thankyou for the invitation. I will give my best to this new assignment. Thanks a bunch.

22.03.2021 09:38

Thank you for joining us!

24.03.2021 07:23

Очень полезная и хорошая работа, дорогая @сryptokannon.
Удачного весеннего дня!

22.03.2021 09:41

Thank you for your support always! Happy spring to you and family too!

24.03.2021 07:24

Thanks a lot. I will be doing my best. 👍😊

22.03.2021 11:11

Thank you for joining us!

24.03.2021 07:24

Hello @cryptokannon… I have chosen your post about “-Steem Greeters Curation with @ steemcurator03 and Steem Greeters tasks Report; Week 3 of March 2021- ”for my daily initiative to retest - vote and comment...
Let's keep working and supporting each other to grow in Steemit.

22.03.2021 17:54

Thank you!

24.03.2021 07:24

Greetings team Steem Greeters, I am honored by this new opportunity and I am already looking forward to starting and contributing with the team and with all the steemians.

22.03.2021 19:22

Thank you for joining us!

24.03.2021 07:24

Thank you for your work and contribution in steem greeters project.

26.03.2021 15:04

Hello how are you

14.06.2021 02:07