SPUD4STEEM: March 2021

photo by kiwiscanfly

I'm just joining this event for my own personal goal and not for entry to the contest. I wanted to at least power up 500SP every month to grow my SP on steemit. So today I will be powering up 500SP. For all of you, newcomers who have no idea about this event check out this post here #SPUD4STEEM ENTRY GUIDELINES and join, who knows maybe you will be the next lucky one 😊
So according to https://steemworld.org/@cryptokannon my current steem power before power-up is about 25,132 SP. I plan to at least power up 500Steem every month so I power up 500 steem for this month and I just do it through steemworld by clicking on the power-up button that is next to my steem power stats.


Now I have a total of 25,632 steem power after powering up. My goal is to at least hit 50,000 SP by the end of this year. I hope I can achieve that through my posting on Steemit and buying steem from the open market on the exchanges.
Do you have some goal in building your steem power on Steemit? How much SP is your goal for this year? Please share with me in the comment below 😋

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50K by year end - awesome goal

25K for me by year end :)

01.03.2021 06:18


01.03.2021 06:31

yea let's go!

01.03.2021 12:07

40 thousand sp by december, i got a plan to buy most of what i need

01.03.2021 06:33

great! let's do this 😊

01.03.2021 12:08

That's great. 👀 me the same. Want to pass 20K next month🤷

02.03.2021 02:43

gotta have goals...!

02.03.2021 03:22


I would like to reach 10K by end of this year!

02.03.2021 06:26

Hello @cryptokannon… I have chosen your post about “-SPUD4STEEM: March 2021-” for my daily initiative to retest - vote and comment…
Let's keep working and supporting each other to grow in Steemit.

04.03.2021 22:39

awesome goal on this year

05.03.2021 16:00

I'd like to have a total of 10,000 SPs at the end of the year

06.03.2021 05:18