How to join @steemingcuration curation trail.


How to join @steemingcuration curation trail.

What is curation trail?

It is simply a way of helping & benefiting each other within our community members. By joining with the curation trail of our community account @steemingcuration will vote authors with quality content in the community. It’s an automation process. Once joined you have more chances of getting curation reward as @steemingcuration will only find high-quality content.

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Step by step to guide to join the curation trail.

01. Signup at 

02. Click "Register"

03. Click "Continue"

04. Enter your username and posting key then Click "Get Started"

05. Click "Login"

06. Click "SteemLogin"

07. Click “Continue” 

08. Enter your username and Active key then Click "Get Started"

09. Click "Authorize"

10. Click "Curation Trail"

11. Type under Trail name "steemingcuration" and Click “Search” 

12. Click "Follow" and in the pop-up message Click “Ok”

13. Click "Settings" 

14. Set voting weight at "100"% in the box and Click “Save Settings”

That is it! Congratulations, now you are a part of our curation trail.

Tutorial prepared by @virajherath for steemingcuration community

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Please take a look in my diary games because I do not receive any support till now. Is anything specific i have to do to support me. Diary1 Diary2

04.04.2021 14:15

I have joined the curation trail. Is there any other thing?

05.04.2021 07:26


13.04.2021 08:03